Which fingers do girl wedding rings wear

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  1. Girls’ wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand; from the ancient Roman era, when people got married, they often worn the wedding ring on the left hand ring finger. Everyone’s unknown finger has very important acupoints. However, wearing the wedding ring on this finger can moderately press the muscles and have the effect of soothing emotions.

  2. There are two ways of wearing a girl wedding ring. One is to fully follow the requirements of the Western wedding ceremony. Both men and women put the wedding ring on the left -handed finger; the other is according to the traditional culture, which is also a well -known type of wear. Fa, according to the boy’s left -handed ring finger, girls wearing right -handed fingers are also the idea of ​​ancient thinking. In ancient times, the left side was a respect, so it was the male left and the right. It can be seen that whether it is a bride or a groom, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger.
    The differences between men and women wearing wedding rings:

    Callow wedding rings can only wear left -handed finger
    n n In the ring finger, the reason why it is worn on the left hand can be said to be derived from China’s “male left and female right” statement, or it can also be said to have the saying that the Western “left hand is a lucky hand”.

    Im girls’ wedding rings are worn on the left and right hands
    . Girls put their wedding rings on their left finger, mainly due to the influence of Western culture. Wedding rings on the left hand are not named. In addition, the left hand is relatively small compared to the right hand, and the number of times is relatively small. Wearing the wedding ring on the left hand can also protect the ring and avoid wear.

    The wedding ring for girls is worn on the right hand, which is in line with Chinese traditional thought “men’s left and female”.

    Actually, the girls wear the wedding ring on which fingers, and they can be worn with their own ideas and preferences. The left hand unknown finger is beautiful and wears in the left hand.

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  4. Left -handed ring finger

    The ring does the ring on the left and right hands or which fingers mean, do you have different explanations of different cultures?
    █ Thumbs:
    Dai here refers to helping you achieve your wish and move towards success.
    █ index finger:
    The fingers of the direction of the direction, wearing the ring to the personality will become cheerful and independent, the most suitable for those who are engaged in free business.
    █ Midth finger:
    The fingers that are most suitable for wearing wedding rings on the ring finger. The ring can be worn on it that can create the best and bright atmosphere, which can make you inspiration, become more attractive, heterosexual fate Essence
    █ ring finger:
    has used to wear wedding rings on it since the ancient Roman era. There are important acupoints on the unknown finger. The rings can be appropriately pressed on the muscles on it, which has the effect of stabilizing emotions.
    █ Finger:
    The finger conveyed a charming and sexy message. The ring will be unexpected on it. It is particularly recommended to be intuitive and engaged in popular fashion related workers.
    The ring of love is the language of love. The ring is generally worn on the left hand (it is not convenient to do things in the right hand)
    Che according to my country’s habits, the engagement ring is generally worn on the middle finger of the left hand, and the wedding ring is worn on the left hand finger; if it is an unmarried girl. It should be worn in the middle or ring finger of the right hand, otherwise, many suitors will be on the way.
    In abroad, without wearing a ring, it also means that “the famous flowers are not the master, you can chase me.” According to the traditional Western habits, the left hand shows the luck given by God. It is related to the heart. Therefore, it is meaningful to wear a ring on the left hand. The more popular internationally wearing method is:
    Forefinger -want to get married, indicating unmarried;
    in love -already in love;
    unnamed fingers -indicating that they have been engaged or married; n little finger -indicates that alone.
    As for the right hand, it is meaningful to wear a ring in tradition: it is meaningful: that is the ring finger. It is said that wearing it here indicates that there is a nun’s mind.
    This on the thumbs generally does not wear a ring, if you wear it, it means you are looking for objects; wearing on your index finger means you want to propose; wear on the middle finger indicating that you are engaged or existing; ; Wear on the little finger indicating that alone or divorced. Some people use the meaning and hints of the five words “chasing, seeking, ordering, ordering, marriage, and departure” to indicate the rings on 5 fingers, respectively.
    If you are an unmarried girl. It should be worn in the middle or ring finger of the right hand, otherwise, many suitors will be on the way. In foreign countries, not wearing a ring also said that “famous flowers are still without the master, you can chase me.” Modern people are no longer confined to this set of rules. As long as they like it, it doesn’t matter which fingers we wear.
    For men -wearing sterling silver rings is gentle and easy to accommodate others. Those who wear gold rings pay more attention to interests, and often have savvy business. Those who wear emerald jade pay attention to quality quality and rigorous.
    For ladies -those who love pink diamonds or pink corals are rich and romantic. Those who love ruby ​​are enthusiastic. Those who love sapphire or sea sapphire are colder than inward. Those who love emeralds or Turkish stones are weak.
    The fingers and rings -the ring on different fingers can reflect the psychological meaning related to personality. Those who like to wear index finger are more stubborn. Those who like to wear in the right middle finger, advocate the concept of the golden mean. Those who like to wear in the left middle finger have a sense of responsibility and attach importance to the family. Those who like to wear a little finger have a sense of inferiority. Those who like to wear in the ring finger, have no ambitions, easy -to -earn, regardless of gains and losses.
    The rings of embedded gems have different significance. Diamond symbolizes eternity. In Europe and the United States, every wedding anniversary, husbands generally give their wife a diamond ring and valuable metal to show the loyalty of love. Emerald represents love, pearls are noble, amethyst means health, machine sensitivity and luck.

  5. Girls’ wedding rings (wedding rings) generally wear left -handed ring fingers.
    Wedding ring refers to the ring given by the groom and groom at each other during the marriage. It should be worn on the ring finger as a token of public announcement. There are many ornaments such as gemstones on the ring, and there are no sewing rings. The meaning is that the love of both parties is pure and flawless, making others seamlessly drill.
    1. Western women’s wedding rings are wearing method (unknown finger worn on the left hand)
    The people in the West think that the ring can make the two newcomers get closer. At the Western wedding, when the newcomers exchanged the ring, regardless of men and women, they worn the wedding rings on each other’s ring finger, because they believed that the ring finger was connected to the heart, representing the exchange of the two hearts, and the two people really loved each other. Therefore, the Western wedding rings are worn on the left hand, because the left hand is closer to the heart than the right hand.
    2, traditional Chinese wedding ring wearing method (wearing in the right hand ring)
    In China, weddings are very traditional and particular about the romance of Western weddings, and young people in China are also in China. Start imitating Western -style romantic weddings. Since China has always had the tradition of Zuo Yang and Yinyin, at the beginning, people wear wedding rings in the form of male left and right, that is, men’s wedding rings wear on the left hand, women’s wedding rings are worn on the right hand It is to cooperate with the traditional yin and yang doctrine of China.
    3, the method of wearing the modern China wedding ring (wearing in the left hand ring finger)
    With the continuous development of the times, people’s ideas are constantly changing, and Chinese weddings are becoming more and more western. The Western -style statement slowly abandoned the Chinese men’s left and women. For the problem of the wedding ring woman wearing, more and more people still choose to wear it on the left hand. Because the two left hands are not only close to the heart, they can also be intertwined, representing each other.

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