Why do Chinese tourists are unwilling to buy when African diamonds are large and cheap?

4 thoughts on “Why do Chinese tourists are unwilling to buy when African diamonds are large and cheap?”

  1. Africa is a very long history, beautiful scenery and low price. The most important thing is that Africa has a long history that can be traced back to the origin of human beings. The more important thing is that Africa's natural environment is very good. People will be fascinated by the beauty here, because the original scenery of its original ecology is not seen on other land. There is a little primitive, more barbaric.

    is very unfortunately that although humans are going out of Africa, Africa's economy is still abnormally backward. If it was not because of other countries colonized Africa, presumably the economy here would be even more poor. It is Chinese tourists who still have a great longing for Africa. There are many people who come here every year. It also makes everyone feel very confused. Africa has such a large number of resources. Why can't you develop economical? Especially the output of African diamond ore is very rich.

    Diamonds are now the dream of every woman. Although the same element as carbon, because he is the hardest stone in the world, it is given to The meaning of love. Therefore, diamonds are also very expensive, but many people in Africa will be mining by themselves. Therefore, you can see the African people selling diamonds. According to the habits of Chinese people who like to buy local specialties, many Chinese people should buy diamonds.

    But the fact is not the case. Tourists who come here are unwilling to buy local diamonds. Make people feel puzzled. The temporary price is very cheap in Africa. Why do you want to pay for it? The reason is that although the price is cheap, the quality of diamonds is very bad.

    Because most diamonds are broken diamonds, and processing is very rough. The cost is very low when mining, but the processing costs in the later period are very high. It is better to have such a processing fee than going to the store to buy a diamond that has been cut. In fact, it is actually very unsuccessful, so some diamond vendors will not go to the local area to buy broken diamonds. After all, diamonds below 1 carats are worthless.

    . These small broken diamonds are taken back to make a small ring or small necklace in China. It is more shining than the fakes bought in those boutiques. It is also a very happy thing to buy one or two small broken diamonds home at will. What do you think? Will you buy these diamonds in Africa?

  2. African diamond processing technology is not good. The processing is not exquisite. It contains impurities. The diamond processed by Africa is not beautiful. It also feels like the original raw ore, and there is no shining light. Many Chinese tourists have been pitted. I bought some fake artificially synthesized diamonds and went back. They were finally identified as fake. African diamonds were large and cheap, and Chinese tourists did not dare to buy it. Chinese tourists only trust the brand because the brand is guaranteed.

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