5.20 is coming soon. What gift is better to give your girlfriend?

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  1. 5.20 also means that the most important summer of girls is here. At this time, it is a gift that can be used to be used in life and fit the actual gifts.
    1, jewelry: Necklace and bracelets are jewelry that women can wear, and my girlfriend's jewelry is not ten. As long as she is allowed to allow it, I will always buy The necklace is still worn on the neck so far, it is still more like.

    2, skirts: Girls will prepare themselves with long skirts, short skirts, and dresses in the summer. Girls will pursue things in this life. I still remember to follow my girlfriend The price of skirts in shopping is two or three hundred, and I was reluctant to buy it. It was almost the festival. I bought her surprise. Don't be too moved in my heart.
    3, sunscreen set: If you do n’t know the skin quality of girls, then sunscreen is very simple as long as it is familiar to the brand. In summer, girls must be available in summer. Indispensable.

  2. 520 Gifts to give gifts or buy some practical gifts. It is futile if the gift from the gift is not liked.
    I personally think you can give away the following gifts according to your girlfriend's living habits and hobbies:
    cosmetics or skin care products.
    Jewelry jewelry.
    clothing or bag.
    Anime, game peripherals.
    Lish practical items.
    The suggestions for giving gifts are quite good. Now almost every girl will make makeup and skin care, so this kind of items are getting more and more expensive. Remember to be very delicate in the office. Once her birthday, her boyfriend gave her a set of skin care products and spent more than 800 yuan. She was happy to die, so I think gifts such as skin care products and cosmetics are still very good. A set of precious skin care products with girlfriends must have face. If the conditions are not abundant, you can consider sending a lipstick, but remember to make a strategy before sending it, first observe what price your girlfriend uses, and choose to choose.
    If your conditions are good and have a stable relationship with your girlfriend, sending a necklace or a bracelet is a good choice. You can choose the necklace of silver, gold, platinum, gemstone and other materials according to your own conditions. It's not bad. In the past few years, middle -aged and elderly people liked to buy jade bracelets, but now some young people have become interested in these jewelry. The old saying that people have raised jade for three years. Essence

    . As the saying goes, there are few girls who do n’t like to wrap, only if they are not willing to buy bags, so it ’s also very good to send a beautiful leather bag to the girl. She is holding the bag you bought, you are pleasing to the eye, she is satisfied, it is really a good choice. Remember that a female girlfriend's husband gave her a bag on her birthday. I said that the bag costs 5,000 yuan, obedient, it is not cheap! You can consider if you have conditions.
    It girls are more enthusiastic about anime or games. At this time, you can consider giving away peripheral products of anime and games, such as pillows, marks, keychains, etc. These gifts are often not expensive, which is more suitable for young age. And young people who are still struggling, I remember that I had sent a kit and air -conditioned blanket to the girl she liked in the past few years. She brought the gift to the company and used it at noon every day to meet her anime fans. Conditions meet practicality.
    If the girl is more pragmatic, you can send some daily necessities, such as gifts such as photo frames, humidifiers, scarf gloves, hats and sleeves.
    Remember that when my cousin was in love, I gave a glass frame to Xunzi. It was quite practical for several years. The sister -in -law has been placing a family of three in the house. Romantic atmosphere.
    I have a favorite girl. When I chased her, it was just autumn. It was particularly cold that winter, but she did not wear glove scarves, only wearing a hat, which made people particularly distressed. I bought a set Give her and make her warm all winter.
    Ite what, still say that, do what the price you are going to send, you will buy it according to the specific situation, and then combine your girlfriend's life habits and hobbies. To you, come on, I wish you a happy life!

  3. There is a saying good, "bag treatment of all diseases", girls are very coquettish, a bag can make her fly happily. The most recommended is the navy blue style and color of Dior's 520 festival. Red I love Paris's heart -shaped Book Tote bag, the small style is really suitable for daily dating, and it can also store various small items daily necessities. Exquisite craftsmanship, hands or shoulders. I believe no girls can refuse Dior Book TOTE!

  4. It is coming to May 20th. If you think you want to buy gifts for your girlfriend, first of all, you can choose the variety of gifts according to his own hobbies, because each girl's preferences are different. Some like cosmetics, some I like bags, some like clothing, and some like gold and silver jewelry. The most important thing depends on their personality problems.
    , as a boy, I should not weigh your economic strength first, and then choose gifts according to his hobbies. If you are a high -income person, you don't care about the material, you only care about the mood of your girlfriend. Whether you like this kind of thing, then you should ask him, she said that she wants things, you try to satisfy her, I believe she will definitely be happy.

  5. General girls prefer to pursue romance. You can send him a 520 red envelope first, and then give her roses and chocolate when I get off work. And unexpectedly appeared in front of him. Give her a big surprise.

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