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  1. The density of gold density at room temperature is 19.29-19.37 grams/cubic centimeter.
    Gold is a soft, golden, precious metal. Internationally, gold is generally based on ounces, and ancient China used "two" as a gold unit. Gold is ductantly and is easy to cast. 1 ounce of gold can be pulled into 50 miles long. There are also forgedness, which can be made into a very thin and easy to roll.
    The density of gold will change slightly with the temperature changes. The density of gold at room temperature is 19.29-19.37 grams/cubic centimeter, which is about double the same volume of silver, lead, and tin. The quality (gram) of the available formula (gram) is equal to density than the volume (cubic centimeter) of a certain gold jewelry (cubic centimeter). Seeking the density of the gold jewelry tested, the density is about 19.32 grams/cubic centimeter, it is pure gold or more pure gold, otherwise it is a non -pure gold or color difference gold.
    In Note for selecting gold jewelry:
    1. When we choose gold, we must take the weight of gold carefully. If you buy real gold, then there will be a heavy feeling, then there will be a heavy feeling. This is the so -called gold pendant. If it is fake gold, then it will feel a sense of fluttering in your hand.
    2. In the process of buying gold, we mainly look at the color of gold. If it is pure gold, it will be dazzling under the sparkling of light. Reflection.
    3, the sound of gold is also more important. Generally speaking, if the gold jewelry accidentally falls on the floor, it will make a sound. If it is a fake gold, then the sound of the sound is relatively sharp. And it will jump higher than real gold on the floor.

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