What are the morals of jadeite?

What are the meanings of jadeite?

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  1. The meaning of jadeite:
    1, emerald Guanyin:
    Emerald Guanyin is also one of the common emerald pendants, because Guanyin and Guanyin are the same. Therefore, the jadeite Guanyin is usually worn by men. The implication can help career. step up.
    2, emerald jade Buddha:
    Perry jade Buddha is one of the most common emerald pendants. Because the Buddha and blessing are the same, people think that the jadeite jade Buddha can bring himself blessing. Coupled with the emerald jade Buddha carved by Maitreya Buddha. It feels a blessing feeling itself. Usually people think that the jade jade Buddha can bring people to drive away evil spirits, auspiciousness, wealth and peace.
    3, emerald Ruyi:
    Emerald Ruyi, with a variety of shapes, and beautiful meaning. Ruyi, the two words are easy to understand, indicating that Ruwan is compensated, representing people's good wishes.
    4, Emerald God of Wealth:
    The wealth god is a god of wealth that brings money in the legend.

    Emerald maintenance skills:

    1, do not collide with hard objects. Because once the emerald bracelet is hit, it is prone to dark cracks. Although it may not be seen for a while, the structure of the inner layer of the emerald bracelet has been destroyed. Such a bracelet has affected both its value and its beauty.
    2, emerald bracelets avoid high temperature, so it is best not to expose it for a long time under the hot high temperature, do not approach the place near the heat source, because if the emerald bracelet encounters high temperature, then its molecules are easy to expand and the volume is also the volume. When it will increase, it will have a great impact on its jade.
    3, emerald bracelet do not contact the body sweat for a long time. Because the ingredients in the sweat will corrode the emerald bracelet, wearing emerald bracelets for a long time, the outer layer will be damaged by this time, and it will have a great impact on the beauty of jadeite.

  2. Character
    1. Rulai: Rulai Buddha, a group of Buddhas. There is a thorough ability. Dharma: Often there are Dharma crossing the river, Dharma crossing the sea, Dharma walls and other shapes.
    2. Dharma: Dharma's nine -year practice, there is a saying that "nine years of face walls have become positive, and the wind and fire cross the river." It is the first ancestor of Chinese Zen.
    3. Buddha: Buddha can bless peace, meaning blessing (Buddha). It is often based on the shape of the big belly Maitreya Buddha, which is the incarnation of liberation of trouble -laughed when he spoke, laughed, the ridiculous people in the world, the big belly could accommodate, and tolerate the world's difficult things.
    4. Guanyin: Guanyin compassionate Puzu sentient beings, is the incarnation of suffering and suffering.
    5. Zhong Yan: Yangshan drives evil. There are often Zhong Yan's shape.
    6. God of Wealth: The meaning of recruiting wealth.
    7. Eight Immortals: Eight Immortals across the sea show their ability, Eight Immortals celebrate. Eight Immortals are Zhang Guo, Lu Dongbin, Han Xiangzi, He Xiangu, Li Tieguang, Zhong Li, Cao Guozhen, Lan Caihe. Sometimes the eight immortals are used to imply the eight immortals or eight treasures. Eight types of magic weapons are gourds, fans, fish drums, flower baskets, yin and yang boards, horizontal flutes, lotus, and swords.
    8. Luohan: There are 18 Luohan, 108 Luohan shape. They are all guardians of the evil town.
    9. Shouxing Lao: The meaning of longevity.
    10 bangs: together with copper coins or toads, the bangs drama Jin Chan or Xian Tong Xianbao.

    Animal articles
    1. Dragon: The incarnation of Xiangrui, with the meaning of Feng Cheng Shuangcheng pair or dragon and phoenix.
    2. Phoenix: The incarnation of Xiangrui, together with the sun sycamore, imply Danfeng Chaoyang.
    3. Sheep: Proud of the ocean, the three sheep imply Sanyang Kaitai.
    4. The love goose. Wang Xizhi was a calligrapher in the Jin Dynasty. He realized the method of using the pen from the goose to swim in the water, so he developed the love goose.
    5. Cicada: Amazing.
    6. Bear: Together with the eagle implies hero fighting spirit.
    7. Shrimp: Wandef.
    8. Turtle: Ping An Turtle or Longevity Turtle. It is the same as the crane. The horn turtle is longevity turtle. The turtle also represents firmness.
    9. To toad: Toad and money harmonies, common toad mouths, copper coins, implying wealth and money. It means the toad palace with the laurel. There are often three -legged toads and four -legged toads.
    10. Fairy Crane: The meaning is prolonged. Crane is known as a bird, and it is also a matter of the dynasty or the high rise. It means pine cranes. It is the same as the deer and the Wutong.
    11. Xunzi: The meaning is joyful.
    12. Lion: It means bravery, the two lions mean everything. One big and a little lion imply a master and young teacher, and he is at a high weight.
    13. Magpie: Two magpies mean double joy, and they mean joy with the sister -in -law. With the leopard, it means to report goodbye. The magpies and lotus are together.
    14. Reindeer: The meaning of Fulu. Together with the officials, the officials are added.
    15. Kirin: Kirin sending a child. The auspicious beast only appeared in the prosperity of the Taiping.
    16. Bat: The meaning is blessed. The five blessings mean the five blessings. With copper coins, it means blessing. With the sunrise or waves, it means blessing like the East China Sea.
    17. 貔貅: According to records, 貔貅 is a kind of beast, one of the ancient five beasts (dragons, phoenix, turtles, unicorn, 貔貅), known as the beast of wealth.貔貅 was the totem of two ancient clan. Legend has it that it helped Yan Huang and the battle had achieved merit. It specifically guards the treasure of the emperor, called "Emperor". And because I like to eat beast evil spirits, it is also called "wicked evil." Ancient Chinese Feng Shui scholars believed that the beast of Jirui, who was in trouble. There are twenty -six types of shapes, seven or seven or forty -nine incarnations. The mouth is large, the belly is large, the abdomen is large, and there is no anus. The owner gathered in power. Gu Xian believes that life is doomed, but the luck can change. Therefore, the people have the good wishes of "one touching the fortune, and then touching the fortune, and the three touching the Qingyun."
    18. Elephant: The meaning of auspicious or joyful phenomena. With the bottle, it means peace.
    19. Carp: Carp jumps the dragon gate. The faucet fish apartment is flattened, and Huang Tengda.
    20. Goldfish: The meaning of Jin Yutang.
    21. Dragon: The legendary dragon, also known as the tiger.
    2. Monkey: Monkey riding immediately means immediately. The implication of the implication of the seal is marked. The big monkey back to the small monkey implies the reputation of the generation.
    23. Ms. Chicken: Auspicious Ruyi, often with five chicks to imply the five sons.
    24. Crab, Beetle: rich world.
    25. Spiders, conch: Contents of contentment.
    26. Quail: Ping An Ruyi. With chrysanthemums and fallen leaves, it means to live and work in peace.
    7. Aoyu: The dragon head fish body, which is a carp to swallow Dragon Ball and become it. The meaning is exclusive.
    28. Gecko: Best happiness.
    29. Frog: 呱 呱.
    30. Rat: It represents stubborn vitality, and the ability of the mouse to gather money is also one of the best. With money, it represents counting money.
    31. Zodiac signs: amulets, evil spirits, pray for peace and happiness.
    1. Orchids: together with osmanthus, meaning orchid Qifang, that is, the meaning of the descendants, orchids also symbolize high quality.
    2. Plum Blossom: Be happy with the magpie. Song Zhumei implies the three friends of the year.
    3. Shou Tao: Longevity blessing.
    4. Bean horns: Four seasons to get rich beans, also known as Fudou.
    5. Gourd: The meaning of Fulu.
    6. Fozard: The meaning of Fu Shou.
    7. Lily: a century -old good. It is called "Jia Dian Cheng Cheng. Hundred Years of Goodness."
    8. Mai Sui: Ping An of the year.
    9. Lotus lotus: The meaning of the mud is not the same. Allegations with plum blossoms and beauty. It is more than a year since the carp. With osmanthus with osmanthus. A pair of Lotus Powder implies the same.
    10. Bamboo: Ping An bamboo, rich bamboo. Bamboo reports are safe or rising.
    11. persimmons: everything.
    12. Pomegranate: Hundreds of sons, blessed children.
    13. Peony: Rich peony, which means wealth and peace with the bottle.
    1 14. Landie chestnuts: The meaning is clever, and the meaning is clever and clever.
    15. Peanut: The meaning of longevity.
    16. Gourd: Fulu meaning.
    17. Leaf: successful career.
    18. Twleration of Zhilian: It means wealth and wealth.

  3. In the jade carving, the 貔貅 implies the money. Ruyi takes harmonic sounds, implying everything Ruyi.
    This grapes take the multi -child, which means the descendants are prosperous. The leaves symbolize the golden branches and jade leaves, and it can also be achieved in the Italian industry.
    The comprehensive career is successful, more children and more blessed, recruiting wealth.

  4. 1
    Mury has an irreplaceable role in traditional Chinese culture. Emerald is auspicious ornament. Emerald is a treasure of aura. Fierce, Pei Jade Stone is healthy, and Pei Jade can prevent diseases, while Pei Yiche does not invade.
    The gentleman Pei Jade said that men who like Pei Fei are often exquisite men. "Gentleman is like jade"
    The ancients visited the jadeite as treasure, "gentleman has no reason, emerald does not go body." Pei Fei became a symbol of gentleman virtue. The Chinese love emerald, Pei Jade, and the resolute atmosphere of emerald belongs to men; the faithfulness and Daya of Emerald belong to men.
    The man in Pei Jade is loser. The emerald's crickets made Pei Jade men go gentle and elegant. Without evil thoughts, they came to go and go.
    The man in Pei is restrained. The simplicity of the emerald makes Pei Jade's men go in and out of the way, and know how to gather in the inner quality.
    The man in Pei is dependent. Pei Fei's man does not hide his flaws, what is happening. He was gentle and added, knowing what he cared about others, and was always ready to do for others.
    The man in Pei is full of vitality. Pei Fei's man looks energetic, optimistic and cheerful. The coldness of the jadeite can also support the heart and support the gods, so the man of Pei Jade seemed calm and seemed to be a stable voucher.
    The emerald falls in front of the chest. The jadeite is gentle as the jadeite with the same body temperature. It is soft and lustrous, so pure, so pleasant, "raising emeralds, emerald raising people", emerald cherish People with fate, people have the heart of emerald, facing this emerald that pinned my friendship, imagined that they were the light white light, and the depression in their hearts was warm, flattened, and recovered.
    The people also have a saying that emerald can replenish qi, emerald can dispel evil spirits. If a person who Pei Jade encounters is unfortunate, the emerald will be broken first, and the disaster will be reduced. This is called "Emerald Broken Man."

  5. 1. Auspicious Ruyi
    reflecting people's pursuit and wish for a happy life. In the Yupei pattern, it is mainly expressed in dragon, phoenix, Xiangyun, Ganoderma, Ruyi, etc. The jade pendants of this type of pattern are generally suitable for various guests.
    The dragon and phoenix are in Xiangyi Dragon and a phoenix and Xiangyun. The dragon represents the totem tribe of the scales and the phoenix represents the totem tribe of bird animals. The two tribes conflict, Longsheng, merged with phoenix. Since then, the world is peaceful and the grains are rich. Xiangyun represents a good sign, expressing a good wish for the future. Modern the joy of getting married as "Dragon and Phoenix", indicating that the husband and wife festive.
    Nufu welcomes the boy to grab the bat. Meaning, income, acceptance. Hongfu Auspicious came one after another.
    The flowers and hundreds of blessings are composed of cloud patterns and bats. The cloud pattern is like Ruyi and continuous, meaning Ruyi long -lasting; "bat" is "blessed". Symbol of happiness, wishful or happiness.
    The eyebrows on the eyebrows fell on the plum branches. In terms of traditional Chinese customs, magpies are considered auspicious birds that are rewarded. "Eye" and "Mei" are the same. The magpie stood on the plum that the magpie reported the joy, a pair of joy. It refers to the good deeds of people, and they are happy.
    Fu Shou Ruyi bat, small animals and ganoderma. Bats are blessed; small animals are beasts, and the sound is the same as "life", which is the meaning of life; Ganoderma lucidum is the same as ancient times, reflecting the heart. Express happiness, longevity, and everything.
    must be brushes, silver ingots, and wishful. "Pen" harmonious "must" sound, "ingot" sound, and disturbance into the harmonious sound of "must be like wishful", and the apartment must be the wish of the heart of the heart.
    Sanyang Kaitai Sanbao Sheep. Yangyang is auspicious, "Sanyang" is a metaphor for "Sanyang". Kaitai means Kai Kai, indicating that it should be good for good luck. The meaning is to get rid of evil, and good luck.

    2, longevity and blessing
    The main use of Shouxing, Shou Tao, Turtle, Song, Crane, etc. in the jade pattern. Express people's expectations and wishes for health and longevity. The crowd is mainly middle and elderly.
    Samsung Gao Zhao Samsung is the legendary Fuxing, Shouxing, and Lu Xing. They are specializing in the blessing of the world, the official Lu, and life. In the pattern, it is often composed of a longevity, deer, and bat. It symbolizes happiness, richness, longevity.
    The deer and deer, deer, crane. The Tongshu is the sycamore tree, and the "Tong" is the same as "". The same spring is as vitality as spring. Cranes and deer are Rui Beast, Metaphor Lu, Shou. That is, the words of longevity and eternal youth.
    This cranes are old turtles, cranes, Jiyun. According to legend, turtles and cranes have thousands of years of life, which means high life. Similar patterns such as Songhe Yannian.
    Fu Lu Shou Gourd and one of the squirrels or other animals above. "Gourd" means "blessing" and "Lu"; animals are beasts, meaning "Shou". It means the meaning of Fu, Lu, and Shouquan. In addition, Fulu Shou can also be represented by animal animals such as bats, sika deer and squirrels.
    Fu Shou Shuangquan, one bat, two Shoutao, two ancient money. Bats lived in two ancient money, flying with Xiangyun. The patterns show that happiness and longevity are coming with homophonic and symbolic methods, that is, blessing will fall from the sky.
    The blessing in front of an ancient money has one or two bats. The bat means "blessing"; the ancient money has eyes, and "money" and "front" agree.
    The blessing to hold a life of five bats to surround the middle of a life or a life peach. The meaning of the five blessings; one day of life, two -day blessing, three -day Corning, four -day good virtues, and five days of testing. That is to say, one life is hundreds of years, the second seeks to be rich and rich, the third sees auspiciousness and peace, the four seek good and virtue, and the five for the elderly. Five blessings are the most comprehensive understanding of the word "blessing". Once they have "Five Blessings", they are naturally "Shoubi happiness"!

    3, home and Xingwang
    expressing the harmony of the husband and wife and the prosperity of the family. Yu Pei's patterns are mainly expressed in crickets, Titian, white -headed birds, fish, lotus leaves, etc. This type of jade is often given as a wedding gift, or it means that the husband and wife are loving, family and everything.
    Thehe boxes, lotus, ganoderma. The box and the metaphor "Hehe Er Sheng", ganoderma lucidum Ruyi. Refers to personnel harmony, prosperity, prosperity. The box, the lotus and the same sound, the metaphor of the husband and wife is harmonious, and the fish and water are good. Hehe Ruyi imply that the husband and wife are endless.
    The four mascots of the four mascots of Hehe, box, lily, and Wannianqing. Explanation of the wedding couple, He Meimei, a century -old to the old.
    The white -headed wealth white headbird, peony. Chinese folks compare white -headed birds as husband and wife, and old age; peony flowers are rich flowers, which is a precious symbol. The pattern not only expresses the century of love for husband and wife, but also a symbol of precious life.
    Mepatinoma, lotus root and carp. Lotus is the year, and the finger fingers is broken, which is constant every year; fish is more than. Refers to a full food. It means that there is more than Feng Qing and the wealth of life.

    4, tranquility and peace category
    means that people's longing for stability and peace in modern society. The representative Yu Pei pattern is mainly represented by treasure bottle and Ruyi. Wear some people who work or work or live abroad all year round, and entrust their family members to wish him peace of mind.
    Thenian Anan and two quails. The bottle apartment is flat, and the "quilt" is "Ann", which is the sound. Wish everything smooth.
    The wealth and peace insert a peony flower in the vase. Peony is the king of flowers, which means noble and rich. The vase means peace.
    Papon Ping'an firecrackers or bamboo, quail. The sound of firecrackers burst is called "firecracker", which used to expel the ghost with the sound of firecrackers. Express the meaning of dispel evil and pray for tranquility.

    5, career Tengda class
    S symbolizing people's longing and wish for this person's achievement and the future of the career. The representative Yu Pei pattern is mainly expressed in litchi, longan, walnuts, carp, bamboo festivals, etc. Wearing people pay more attention to the realization of personal achievements and self -worth.
    The three yuan lychee, longan, walnut, and fruit are round. "Yuan" and "Yuan" are the same as "Lianzhong San Yuan". It means the first place in the old and township test, the test, and the temple test of the old imperial examination.
    Clavia jumping Dragon Gate Legend that carp can skip the dragon gate. The finger became famous in one fell swoop.
    This champion and first Dai Guan boy holding Ruyi ride on the dragon. Crown and officials. The boy wore the championship and succeeded in the imperial examination. Riding a dragon, like a carp jumping the dragon door and becoming a dragon, it is out of place. The implication of the exam is high and the top of the list.
    This Hou Hang Monkey climbing on the maple tree and hanging on the seal. The "maple" of the maple tree is connected to the sound of "seal", and it is the sealing prize: "Monkey" and "Hou" are the same sound, and the official position; the seal is the official seal. It means that the cause of the cause is Tengda, the meaning of adding officials into the juncture, and reflecting the success of the cause.
    The section high rises to the bamboo festival. Meaning to keep aggressive and upward.

    6, disaster disaster category
    indicating that people want to live smoothly, smooth career, good health, and wishfulness under a certain god of protection. The representative jade pendant pattern is represented by Guanyin, Buddha, Zhong Yan, Guan Gong, Zhang Fei, etc.
    The saying that there is a saying in the folk, "Male wearing Guanyin and Female", mainly to pray for the blessing of Guanyin and the Buddha for people's body, life and work. When people are sick, they will wear jade Pei such as Zhong Yan, Guan Gong, Zhang Fei, and hope that they can drive away the disease as soon as possible, recover their bodies, and give people a kind of comfort in spirit.
    The traditional Chinese patterns in jade pendants are diverse, with profound meaning and countless. It has a strong connotation of the Chinese jade culture, and it is a brilliance of a glorious garden in Huaxia's traditional culture. Different from other jewelry jewelry, it is that while decorating people, it cares more about people's spiritual feelings, and has become an intuitive material expression of people's spiritual sustenance. In modern times that emphasize personalization and focus on spiritual feelings, wearing jade pendants with rich oriental cultural connotations will better reflect their own personality, taste and national temperament.

    Mepatonic the meaning of jadeite

    . As the saying goes: "jade must be intentional, it must be auspicious." Thousands of years of cultural accumulation and screening, refining may be many beautiful legends, allusions, allusions, allusions, allusions and allusions. , Various exquisite patterns, which provides rich materials for jade carving.

    The jade bracelets are the most expensive and difficult to find in emerald, which means peace. Traditional intelligence believes that wearing jade bracelets can be safe, calm, and peaceful, and is the most natural and simple accessories.

    This on the pendant carving for thousands of years of Ganoderma lucidum, which means everything, that is, the lucky transportation, the savage of the blessing, the blessing life is boundless!

    The auspicious theme: Phoenix and Ruyi, Phoenix, the legendary auspicious bird, there must be happy events everywhere, it comes, sending auspiciousness and wish to the world.

    This, cypress, stone, peach, turtle, crane, etc. indicate longevity;
    bats, bergamot, pots, etc. are blessed;
    N dragon and phoenix: The subjects often appear in jade articles, dragons can eliminate evil, and Feng is a bird of auspicious auspicious auspicious birds;
    The peony symbolizes wealth;
    Ganoderma lucidum symbolizes Ruyi; Cats and butterflies are 古 古, because the old saying is: "Seventy is 耄, eighty is 耋." The meaning of high life;
    jujube, and chestnuts mean to have early noble children; Auspicious luck;

    The themes of emerald pendants:
    . Bean horns: "Fugou". It is said that bean horns are often used as "Buddha beans" in the temple.
    . Fish: Most of them are called "more than years", carved lotus leaves (lotus), carp (more than), and some of them are ride on carp; "".
    three, chili: meaning red and red fire.
    . Ganoderma, bat, ancient money, ingot, Shoutao, melon: "Blessing to the soul", carved ganoderma Ruyi (spirit), bat (blessing); In front of the eyes, the "blessing) and money (front); if there is a pattern of Fugua, generally speaking, if it is winter melon, it means" blessing as the East China Sea ", and the carving is pumpkin, which means" Shoubi Nanshan ".
    Five, bergamot, gourd: "Fushou" carved Buddhist hand; "Fulu" carved gourd; Because of the different regions and different accents, sometimes bergamot will also explain it as "the pearl on the palm."
    6. Horse and monkeys: "Hou immediately" is carved with a horse (horse) and one monkey (Hou);
    7. 獾: It is said that 獾 is the most loyal to the other person in the animal world. If One party is scattered or died, and the other will be waiting for each other for life. "Double Huan" carved two tails connected (Huan).
    eight, monkeys, life peaches: "kitcque to offer longevity" carving longevity and little monkey.
    Is nine, gourd, corn, pomegranate, grapes: Because they contain multiple grains, they are taken as "multi -child and more blessings", "descendants" carved gourd, flower leaves, and vines, take the gourd inside Multi -seed, vines and martial arts. Corn also has a meaning "alarm" in the south.
    This, pine, bamboo, and plum: "High" carved green bamboo; The carved bamboo festival also implies the high rise in step by step, academic success.
    Eleven, cicada: Most children wear more, meaning "smart".
    This, cabbage: When it comes to jade, you should first think of the most common cabbage in jade carvings. He means "hundred wealth", which means more rich.
    3, 貔貅, Jin Chan: This is the hottest theme today. These two babies are the spirit beasts of wealth and evil spirits. Jin toad is only the subject of jade carving. He is a toad with three -legged. Because he has the ability to spit money, he has become the ability to recruit money. Golden toads contained in money rushed into the house when they were placed. The golden toad rushed outside the house. The legend is the ninth son of the Dragon King. Because of the characteristics of his only food, you can make money. There is a record on the Hanshu "Western Regions": "Wu Ge Mountain is from the state of peaches, lions, and urine cows." Meng Kang's Note Day: "Tao pull, one day rune, like a long deer tail, unicorn is called Tianlu, and the two corners are called evil spirits."
    It 14, emerald carving Guanyin, Buddha: I often hear the saying of "male wearing Guanyin and female wearing Buddha". In fact, it is not all. There are no limitations in many places in the south wearing Buddha wearing Guanyin. Friends once went to Wutai Mountain for sightseeing, because my friend was a person who loved jade, and asked about the monks on the mountain. The monks talked about Guanyin and the Buddha as men. The wearing of Guanyin and Buddha was not limited. Everyone wears jade is for the sake of good luck, so no matter what the subject you choose is a sincere blessing.
    Fifteen, persimmons, magpie: The meaning of happy events.
    16. Crab: The meaning of the rich world.
    17. Conch, gourd: Because of the effect of storage, it can store evil spirits, worsen evil spirits, and can also promote the relationship between husband and wife.
    The meaning of ganoderma and orchids;
    The meaning of gourd represents the meaning of Fu, Shou, and Lu, the intention is because of the two characters of the gourd and blessing and Lu; , Manchu, the meaning of the seeds in the gourd, the meaning of the vocal and the martial arts.
    The meaning of the fame of the chicken; The two usually also appear together, which means that Fu Shou Shuangquan;
    Fu is in front of the eyes: the pattern is mainly composed of bats and copper coins, indicating that blessing is coming;
    Golden jade Mantang: The pattern is mainly composed of a corn and mouse. The corn implies the harvest year. The mouse has the saying of jade and mouse to send wealth. Full hall;
    Thenian year: Lotus, lotus leaves, and carp are the most common auspicious patterns, indicating rich life;
    Other guest patterns usually appear, such as bats, peony and the like, which means that people's life is peaceful, harmonious is blessing;
    five blessings: usually represented by five bats; Fuxing: It is usually composed of one heron and a few bats, which means the road is safe and happy; The K gold chain (because when wearing it on your hand or on the neck, it can turn back and forth, also known as the wealth), and some beads are usually carved with copper coin patterns. Good;
    It jade mouse to send wealth: usually one or more mice and copper money or ingot. It is said that the mouse was one of the wealthy wealth boy of the God of Wealth. Therefore, there is the saying of jade and mouse to send wealth;
    鸳: The picture is usually composed of crickets, lotus, and lotus leaves, which means that the husband and wife get along with each other, love each other, the old age old;
    The meaning of multi -child and more blessings;
    Prives: It means that the career is booming and the meaning of rising step by step;
    The shape of Ping An buckle is similar to the shape of the copper coins in ancient times. However, wearing copper coins is not very beautiful, so a safe buckle appears in the jade articles, which is both beautiful and meaningful;
    The four seasons safety buckle: composed of a single four seasons pod Originally, monks in ancient temples usually make this kind of pods as the main dish. Over time, people call the four seasons of Ping An beans;
    Dark Babao: Tieguai Li's gourd, Lu Dongbin's sword, Han's Han, Han Zhong Li's fan, Zhang Guo Lao's fish drum, He Xiangu's fence, Lan Caihe's yin and yang board, Han Xiangzi's flower basket and Cao Guo's horizontal flute, it is said that To avoid evil spirits and be auspicious;

    Longsheng Jiuzi: Dragon Sheng Jiuzi, each has its own good. The nine sons are called prison cows, happy music, squatting on the piano head; the second child is called I (Ya Zi), who is addicted to killing and having a knife ring and a horn handle. , Fill the beast buttons of Hong Zhong Ti Liang to help them loudly loudly; the five sons (suan ni), shaped like a lion, like smoke and sit on the incense burner, and then swallowed the fog; Also known as*屃 (BI XI), it looks like a turtle with teeth and likes to bear the weight. , Like a dragon, Yaoli Sven, around the stone monument; the old nine 螭 (Chi) kissed, also known as the tail or chi (chi) kiss, the mouth moistened the throat and swallowed it, and then became a swallowed beast at both ends of the spine of the hall. , Take the fire disaster.

    Kirin: Ancient legendary auspicious god beasts, male is Qi, female is Lin, its body is like elm, cattail, wolf hoof, a horn. It can also avoid evil blessings. It is an important subject in jade carvings.

    Bamboo plum double joy: The picture is based on bamboo, plum blossoms and a pair of magpies, as Li Bai poems said: " Making green plums, staying for thousands of miles together, two little guesses. "Describe a pair of young children's innocent playful scenes. There are three friends with plum blossoms, pine, and bamboo.

    dragon and phoenix -power; butterfly -immortal; bat -blessing; cicada -regeneration; pig -rich; fish Huaolong -transformation; catfish -more than year; toad (Fish) Manchuria; sheep -auspiciousness; knowing -homework progress; gourd -magic; bamboo festivals -rising rising; bergamot -blessing; Qinglian -clean; litchi -litchi -liberal city open; peach -longevity; pomegranate -multi -child -child -multi -child Duo Sun; cabbage -innocent heir home; gossip -natural power; Tai Chi -harmony of yin and yang; longevity -longevity and no old; joy characters -Jiqing; shoes- (harmony) everything is smooth.

    The clever combination of a certain scene is carved on the jade piece, making the image space more wide and rich. The themes are:
    The fish jumping Dragon Gate -turbulent water flowing fish upside down. Seeing that Longmen is close at hand, which is said to "pass the test, worth hundred times."
    The sealing Hou immediately -the little monkey sitting on the horse's back, seemingly proud, indicating that "it will enter the appearance" not far away.
    Buchi to the eyes -bat mouth biting copper coins, meaning "good things"
    joy and joy -shaped like bear, pigs, and magpies, indicating that happiness and laughter often open.
    Hirgling eyebrows -magpie stands on the plum blossom rod, describing happiness.
    The wealthy years -Furong, osmanthus, Wannian, Changhong endlessly.
    The peaceful Anan -vases and quails.
    The year of Ping An -A few spikes in the vase, and there are quail standing next to it.
    The years of Ruyi -Lotus lotus is carved on the jade parts, and it is unsatisfactory, personnel, and unpleasant.
    It more than year -year -there is water and fish under the lotus leaf of lotus, it is difficult to get rich.
    The young master -big lion and little lion, who came to imply the official name of ancient times, looking at the son of the dragon to look at the female.
    Hehe Erxian -one hand with the two children with a lotus and one hand holding the box, Hehe and the same sound, bless your family, husband and wife.

    Ilistence Ruyi class

    The dragon, phoenix, plum (homophonic), magpie, cloud pattern (shaped like Ruyi, continuous), Samsung (Fu, Lu, Shou),, Shou),), Fu, Lu, Shou),,),), Fu, Lu, Shou),,),), Fu, Lu, Shou),, Shou),,),), Fu, Lu, Shou),, Shou),,),), Fu, Lu, Shou),, Shou),), Fu, Lu, Shou),, Life), Samsung (Fu, Lu, Shou), Life), Samsung (blessing, Lu, Shou), Samsung), Samsung (blessing, Lu, Shou),, Shou),, Shou),,),), Fu, Lu, Shou). Pen, catfish (more than in the harmonious year), bat (same blessing, blessing) ancient money (before, in front of the eyes) double money (harmonious doubles) Shou Tao (peach shape is like heart), etc. Slightly eyebrows, Liuyun Baifu, Samsung Gao Zhao, must be wishful, Fuchen Tianzheng, Fushou's eyes, Fu Shou Shuangquan, Fu Zhi Xinxin and so on.

    In safety category

    In: bottle, ganoderma (Ruyi), deer, quail (harmony), persimmon (harmonious things), ears, bamboo, bat, etc. : Ping An Ruyi, safe all the way, peace of mind, everything, all things, all things, blessing Ruyi, Zhu Bao Ping An and other intentions.
    Themids with magpies, Guiyuan, and Yuanbao expressed their joy.
    : The meaning of ascending the same stage, Bing Yinping said that the four seas rose.
    It with bamboo symbolizes the beautiful future and rises.
    It lotus to indicate a clean.
    The eggplant looks like a high crown to indicate that the senior officials are getting.
    This protection of evil
    The zodiac signs, Guanyin, Buddha, animal noodle patterns (ripples, dragon patterns, ghost heads, tiger heads), gourd (sound of fifty life), in addition Hanging in front of you can resolve the metaphor of various different kinds of evil spirits.
    The themes of emerald pendants are many. The most loved themes are "Fu Doudou". It is carved into a bean horn with emerald. It is said that the bean horns are often used in the temple and the monk is called "Buddha beans". "More than years", carved lotus leaves (lotus), carp (more than), and some of them are ride on carp; Emerald pepper means booming. "Blessing to the soul", carving ganoderma Ruyi (spirit), bat (blessing); "Fu Shou" carved bat (Fu), Shou Tao (Shou); "Fu in front of the eyes" carved bat (blessing), money (front); "Fu Shou" sculpture Fozard; "Fulu" carved gourd; "Fulu Shou" carved gourd (Fulu), Little Beast (Shou). "Hou Hou" is carved with a horse (horse) and one monkey (Hou) (Hou); "Double Huan" carved two tails connected (Huan); "macaques". The "descendants" carved gourds, flowers and leaves, and vines. "High" carved green bamboo;

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