What are the classics of Bulgari, the top ten jewelry?

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  1. Founded in 1884, Bvlgari is the Italian jewelry brand. In the production of jewelry production, the color of the design is the essence of the design. It uses a variety of gems of different colors to match and combine, and then uses a base of different materials to highlight the dazzling color of the gem. Since the birth of the brand for more than 120 years, it is known for its bold design and unique style. It has been enthusiastically sought after by celebrities in various countries in the world, and has been favored by royal nobles and film and television stars.

    arour treason series

    B.zero1 series

    Pegeli B.ZERO1 series presents the perfect fusion of Bulgari and artists. Bulgari, Zero1 is always the first number, representing Bulgari at the end of the cutting end, and also emphasized that B.ZERO1 is Basic series products. In 1999, the simple and strong B.Zero1 ring stood out from the gorgeous and complicated classic jewelry, and then became the most popular jewelry style of BVLGARI Bolgari, until today. This design was originally a new interpretation of BVLGARI Tubogas (spiral) classic series, and at the same time, it also contains a strong and special design. The Gold B.ZERO1 ring has three materials: platinum, gold and rose gold, and has different styles of single -circle and even four and five circles.

    Divas Dream series

    BVLGARI Bulgari gorgeous launch of the DIVA series, blooming seductive charm. This time, Bulgari presented a new praise to the initial inspiration of the DIVA series jewelry. The new DIVA series jewelry has turned the goddess's extraordinary charm and dazzling beauty into eternal, creating an ultimate visual feast.

    Festa series

    Festa series aims to show Bulgari's unique attitude and style -originated in the ancient times, after several centuries through the iconic works and unique gems Continuous inheritance.

    The Festa Delle series necklace combines the perfect and luxurious pillow -shaped sapphire with the shining water droplet diamond and sapphire. It is worn in the neck and exudes a lot of attention.

    Serpenti series

    The is very close to human history. As a symbol of sexy beauty, this totem logo can be traced back to ancient Greece and Roman mythology. Snake symbolizes wisdom, vitality and charm. Charming Bulgari Bulgari jewelry.

    bvlgari bvlgari series


    From the root of the brand's Roman root to the elegant integration of culture and fashion. BVLGARI BVLGARI series of iconic patterns, which are inspired by inscriptions on antique coins. The BVLGARI BVLGARI jewelry series shows the bold style of Italian design in many ways, blooming dazzling bright light. The ring and bracelet of the BVLGARI BVLGARI series break the traditional jewelry matching. No matter what occasions can be worn at will, wearing or stacking, it also meets the lady's pursuit of different wonderful moments. Jewelry reveals its innate versatility and attract people with taste recognition.

    mvsa series

    This this series has been given fantasy colors, strong vitality and endless expression. The praise of the muse of art, poetry and music.

    monete series

    has gone through a centuries, Bulgari Bulgari pays tribute to ancient times with the Monete series. Due to the awe of ancient coins with artistic, Bulgari Bulgari incorporated them into their works, echoing each other with its modern design and complement each other. Like these rare gems with valuable historical values, in precious jewelry works, ancient Greece, ancient Rome and Persian coins can be rejuvenated again.

    parentesi series

    Parentesi jewelry series is synonymous with "personalized jewelry". The features of the ParenTesi series are modular jewelry -intertwined metal parts, which is inspired by eternal Roman architecture. Their shapes are inspired by stones laid the Roman roads. Today, Parentesi (Italian In parenting ") has become the iconic element in modern female jewelry accessories.

    Le Creazioni

    . The gorgeous and rare gems were cleverly cut, and the BVLGARI ring was presented in many creative designs.

    Pegri is a century -old luxury jewelry brand. It originated in a silver trim shop in Rome in 1884 in Italy. Inspired by Greek elegance and Italian Renaissance, it created Bulgari unique design style , Loved by royal nobles, film and television stars. B.ZERO1 series, OCTO series, Serpenti series, Divas Dream series, etc. are all classic models.

    In 1999, Bulgari launched the B.ZERO1 series, absorbing ancient Roman architectural design styles, and subverting traditions, blending classics to modern, B.Zero1's eternal classic.

    Serpenti series: Spirit snakes can definitely represent Bulgari, the snake symbolizes wisdom, charm and vitality. Bulgari connects the material of the mother, red chalcedony, and diamonds, showing the wild spirit and colorful posture of the spirit snake.

    The LVCEA TUBOGAS halo watch endorsed by my goddess Shu Qi, I also think it is a classic model.

    The charity: Save the Chidren Jewelry series, 2009 Pokémon cooperated with the rescue children, the model launched, and donated part of the income to the children's meeting. It has also made a very good example for major jewelry on the road of charity.

    Divas Dream: Design inspiration comes from marble and curved mosaic patterns in the ancient Roma Rogura bath, making Bulgari's fan -shaped classic.

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    It to say that Bulgari, who is more than a hundred years old, has many people sought after by many people from perfume, jewelry or even clothes. Why is Bulgari's jewelry charm so great? With a unique and bold design, a variety of gems can always attract the favor of many people.

    B.Zero1 series

    is inspired by the ancient Roman magnificent beast field. The B.ZERO1 series shows Bulgari's endless creative perspective. Bulgari uses a purely unique spiral shape in jewelry design, which means symbolizing the harmonious inheritance of the past, the present and the future, and the development of Bulgari pioneering The spirit is sublimated.

    Divas' Dream series

    iconic fan -shaped patterns, drawing inspiration from women's softness, classic fan -shaped charts with diamond inlaid, the platinum arc is exquisite and elegant, which will be elegant. The essence of Aesthetics in Italy is exerted to the fullest.


    The most famous is the snake series. Bulgari has always been very fond of the beauty of the snake. Like the story, the decoration of the gemstone makes the snake head more dazzling, shining with delicate and charm, and the whole design is quite agile.

    Pergley's series can be said to be classic. As a world -renowned luxury brand, Bulgari has the unique charm of many women. Of course It is enough to make a lot of MMs look far away. After all, the price of this kind of soil is really prohibitive.

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    The world -renowned Italian jewelry brand BVLGARI has been known for its bold design and unique style since 120 years.

    This products have also been warmly sought after by celebrities in various countries around the world, and at the same time, they are also favored by royal nobles and film and television stars. To this day, it has become the leading brand of heavy luxury jewelry.

    BVLGARI's jewelry, the most eye -catching design is to match a variety of gems of different colors. Topa stone, sea blue treasure, amethyst, coral, tourmaline, olives and other gems are used freely. Different styles, but very harmonious. After the initial inspiration of each jewelry, every jewelry must be carefully carved by the designer and craftsmen in order to produce classics in jewelry.

    Serpenti series is the classic series of BVLGARI. The inspiration of this series comes from the soundtrack. It is rumored that the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology -Afroditi uses snakes as a matching accessory.

    The Erisabeth Taylor's Egyptian rear dress, using Bulgari's Serpenti series jewelry. This set of jewelry is also customized for her.

    has developed to the present, the Serpenti series is not just jewelry. Watch and famous snake head bags use this snake head decoration.

    Fiorever's Yongshu series is a series that is more inclined to lively and sweet. "Fiore" means flowers in Italian. "Forever" represents flowers. Above the diamond, it is even more eye -catching.

    In 2013, BVLGARI launched the DIVA series gorgeously to pay tribute to the most shining stars in the world in the 1950s and 1960s. Diva's inspiration comes from the fan -shaped pattern in the ancient Romancara bath. It is now defined by the designer as the iconic pattern of this series, and it has also become a classic symbol of BVLGARI.

    Tubogas is Bulgari's famous jewelry design. Its feature is to use the tension of the metal itself, so that the jewelry can surround the wearer's body, more fit, softer and easy to change. It can be necklaces, bracelets, or small things such as rings, watches, and other things. After changing, it does have the characteristics of integrating modern style and classical style. If you like different people, you can choose products with different materials and different decorative styles, which is also a place where it is popular. For those who are not sensitive, such changing classic designs are of course worth buying. However, different people seem to consider their own different situations: it is relatively European -style, and people who are used to Chinese style should consider how to wear it. And its matching with other brands of jewelry must also be thoughtful. In short, this series of jewelry has a clear personality. Although it is very dazzling, it must be careful in the specific match.

    The most beautiful Caibao series of Bolgar

    Pegeli has a history of more than 120 years since its birth. Because of its unique design avant -garde, it has received the royal nobles of the world in the world. Film and television stars and other favors.

    Woman fashion opinion leaders, video show producer Lady talked about the Person brand focusing on integrating jewelry and clothing, and insisting on innovation and design boldly, so you can see Bulgari’s’s’s own. The product will always be at the forefront of fashion. Bulgari's classic series:

    1, B.Zero1 series 18K gold ring

    This is the most classic ring style in the Bulgari series. The colors include platinum, gold, and rose gold, and the styles are single, two rings, three rings, and four rings. The design has a traditional Greek design element, which is comparable to art. 2. Serpenti bracelet

    Plash -like bracelets, which look realistic. The head and rear parts are inlaid with diamonds, respectively, and the design highlights the good workmanship. Once launched, it is sought after by the public. 3. The Intarsio series

    Pergleyy's new Intarsio series is exquisite. The entire design has Arabic style, pattern patterns with coordination, full of rich and rich atmosphere.

    4. DIVA series bracelet

    This Bulgari bracelets, gathered folds with corolla and other shape elements, with pearl fish and diamonds to show the elegance of women's elegance Temperament and charm. 5. Allegra series

    The products of this series mainly highlight the characteristics of colorful color and color, purple yellow, blue -green powder, with pearls, diamonds, gems, etc., the bold design makes this series look dynamic.

    Pegeli is a well -known international big -name jewelry. There are many global spokespersons and high -quality friends. Like Wu Yifan, it is also a spokesperson among Bulgari. The Bulgari is very successful. The key lies in the brand's influence and people's recognition. There are many fields involved. Jewelry, watch, accessories, perfumes, skin care products, hotels and resorts, etc. Most of them are atmospheric, meticulous, meticulous, and The style is unique and loved by the world. We mainly talk about his classic style.
    Pergeli B.Zero1 spring series
    This series is a classic series. There are many styles. The new new models will also make some small innovations on these styles every year. Adding rivet elements, neutral suitable for men and women.
    Pegeli small skirt series
    small skirts are a series of popular Bulgari family. The main inlaid is white piners, malachite, agate, red chalcedony and other materials, earrings and other materials, earrings, earrings, earrings, earrings, earr Bracelet bracelet ring necklaces are available, and new models will be released every year. For example, this gradient skirt is this year's new model.
    Pegeli Ling Snake Series
    Matherous people who are familiar with the Bulgari brand know that the "snake" element is one of the most commonly used elements of Bulgari. The sought after by consumers is also Bulgari's classic style.

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    Pegri is my favorite for jewelry, and I can collect one The favorite is the spring necklace you bought!

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