Jewelry Entrepreneurship Plan Fan Essay

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  1. Swarovski jewelry and Phil Nanduo are both international and high -end jewelry brands. They are from European and American brands. The current domestic jewelry pattern is divided into three. It is a mid -range Japanese and Korean jewelry brand. The high -end jewelry brand is the European and American style again. Among them, Phil Nan Duo is a French Paris brand. The number of domestic joining is about 100, with a high reputation and good reputation. Doing it, it also shows that the market prospects of jewelry franchise stores are broad! In terms of profits, we all know that real estate, jewelry industry, and the pharmaceutical industry are all huge profits industries. High -end accessories belong to a classification in the jewelry industry. Needless to say, you know it! Data show that in 2005 alone, women's jewelry consumption exceeded $ 140 billion worldwide. The world's four major fashion capitals and Tokyo, Hong Kong and other cities have a total annual trade in cities that are close to $ 100 billion, while the per capita share of Chinese women's accessories is less than 7%, which is far lower than other parts of Asia. Such as Tokyo 68.2%, Singapore 48%, Hong Kong 54%, 68%in South Korea, 47%of Marlaba, and 68%in Thailand. China has a population of 1.3 billion, and more than 600 million is a woman. It takes more than 60 million pieces to calculate one piece of accessories per year per year. Such a huge consumer group has reached tens of billions of yuan each year. According to experts, the share of female accessories in China will increase from 5%to 55%by 2015, and the entire market size will increase from the current 12 billion to 165 billion yuan. It can be seen that the jewelry market has great development potential! With the rapid development of the Chinese market economy in recent years, women's life taste and quality of life are leaping. Consumers advocate humanity and fashion, continuously shape personality and charm, and more advocate culture and style. Time jewelry culture shows a strong development momentum and an increasingly wider market, and it has a broad profit space for the sales of time -like jewelry. Fashionable jewelry makes women release beauty, and the beautiful complex makes women generous. The female flow of women on the street is looking for fashion accessories, but it is scattered, and the professional fashion consumer economic circle is still a blank. As a result, the market potential is huge, and women's helpless sighs, knocking and touching the nerves of merchant investors.

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