Zhang Ziyi resumed work, wearing millions of emeralds, but the cheap clothes on the body are fashionable and beautiful. How do you think?

4 thoughts on “Zhang Ziyi resumed work, wearing millions of emeralds, but the cheap clothes on the body are fashionable and beautiful. How do you think?”

  1. Although Zhang Ziyi's facial features are not very good, they have a strong recognition. This is a face that can completely represent the beauty of China. It covers a clear and beautiful skin with a strong and precise skeleton. At first glance, it is not very amazing. But it is timeless and classic. The deepening of the female star is nothing more than a few more shots to open a few more knives. It is really like a complete Chinese beauty but not very much appreciated that it feels "faint"!
    Zhang Ziyi (ZHANG ZIYI), born in Beijing on February 9, 1979, an actress in China, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 2000. In 1998, he was discovered by Zhang Yimou and starred in the movie "My Father and Mother". In 1999, starring Li An's film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", which won many international awards such as the first Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film Awards in China. Dozens of major production have never been disappointed by fans, and various awards have been soft!
    If jade is not a jewelry that has been talked about by people. It has long been at the forefront of fashion and has become a jewelry that has favored many female stars. In the past, it was said that fashion and wealth had to take diamonds, and the current fashion industry began to use jadeite as an indicator. Even after Zhang Ziyi's international model, she failed to escape the trend of emerald and began to embark on the road to collecting emeralds.

    The before contacting jadeite in real life, Zhang Ziyi actually had a very good emerald shape in film and television dramas. This is a scene in "Rouge Buckle". You can see Zhang Ziyi's hands and ears. The jewelry wearing is made of emerald. She plays a singing girl during the Republic of China, and she is even more beautiful to wear cheongsam. This set of clothing completely brought out the retro temperament of the emerald, making her look elegant and beautiful.
    The Zhang Ziyi relied on her desperate spirit of Saburo to prove herself, that is, she has absolute respect for her predecessor Gong Li, and she is herself, and she only makes Zhang Ziyi in her life! The temperament of Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li's two goddesses is actually very different. The only thing between the two is the greatest awe and sincerity of the performance.

    Since his debut, Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi were praised by the media as the representative of Eastern women. Both showed their style and charm to the fullest. Aesthetics. The differences between the two goddesses are also reflected in the wearables. When Gong Li worn the jadeite, it is a proper domineering queen style, but Zhang Ziyi puts emeralds out of the traditional oriental beauty belonging to Chinese classical women!
    But what attracted netizens than Zhang Ziyi was the jewelry she wore. Zhang Ziyi was inlaid with diamonds as a whole when shooting the magazine, which looked very expensive. Of course, Zhang Ziyi's full set of emerald green diamond jewelery is grabbing the mirror. The emerald green has diamond earrings, necklaces and rings. The mother is really beautiful and expensive. Well, Zhang Ziyi can indeed say, "The old lady is the most beautiful, the old lady is the richest."

    Te Zhang Ziyi's aesthetic is really good. The neck, hands, and ears are covered with jewelry, but it does not make people feel the tacky of wealth. Instead, everyone thinks that Zhang Ziyi should wear it. This whole set of emerald green diamond jewelry. Zhang Ziyi made this set of jewelry more connotative and more expensive. Is there?
    The design of this emerald necklace is very complicated. A platinum chain, which is dotted with small emerald beads, some are round and some are water droplets. The colors of these emeralds are very bright and rich, and have absolute attraction visually. At first glance, water is a particularly high quality. With Zhang Ziyi's delicate makeup, she also effectively highlight her dignified and elegant aura.

    It Zhang Ziyi's emerald can be worn so beautifully? The secret is in the quality of the emerald she chose. If the jadeite wants to look good, the seed, water, and color are indispensable. Taking Zhang Ziyi as an example, jade is very crystal, with aura and transparent. In the natural light, you can see the fluorescent shroud of the stars. This is the manifestation of the water head and foot. The color said before, it is bright and rich, and it is well -deserved in the jadeite.
    Has the owner of this jewelry has not yet been concluded whether Zhang Ziyi has not yet been concluded, but Zhang Ziyi can wear this jewelry to board the magazine. It is also a history. Looking at the entire entertainment industry, the popularity is as high as Yang Mi and the status is as high as Gong Li. None of these stars seem to enjoy such good treatment. It can be seen that Zhang Ziyi's status in the entertainment industry is also quite high.

    . Previously, fans were worried that Zhang Ziyi's road to return will be more difficult, but now it seems that Zhang Ziyi's status still cannot be shaken. Beauty has never had specific and unique standards, but so 10,000 fashion. The same is true of emerald as the "King of Jade". Many people think that the beauty of emerald is dignified, so it is only suitable for stylish middle -aged and elderly women to wear. I do n’t know that some emeralds are actually very small and fresh, and even eight -year -old children will look beautiful.

  2. This kind of match is like a lady, it does not look particularly expensive, but it feels a little strange. It feels not so high, and there are too many things to bring, but there will be some burdens.

  3. The temperament of the star was originally different, not to mention the big flowers such as Zhang Ziyi, so her good -looking is naturally uncomfortable with ordinary people.

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