What about the prequel Emperor Fu Shi of Xianxian?

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  1. First go to Qingyun's Tianyuan Guard to wash Tiandao to Samsung, to collect a book of heaven, and you can learn from level 5 to learn, and then upgrade the heavenly path with the creation of the strange stone. Then use Emperor Jun Road to wash the heavens. This process depends on luck, take it slowly. I wish the landlord a good luck. Hope to adopt!

  2. First wash Tiandao to Samsung, the character is more than one thousand, and it is not more than 10,000. Essence Grade 5 production level of books in this creation of Tiandao. The creation of Qi Shi and Samsung Tiandao produced the heavenly Taoist Tiandao to end the emperor Junfu Shi to the city of the sky to wash the emperor Junyu and Stone. Essence Essence If you have a lot of money, you will hit it hard. WM is a perfect bottomless hole. Essence Essence Essence

  3. It is very detailed upstairs, but it is not recommended to wash money and do n’t want that character to gamble the perfect success rate. When you charge the money during the New Year, how can you give you no need or wait for half a year according to the perfect habit of half a year.

  4. Create jewelry to create 140 ordinary jewelry in Qingyun NPC Tian Zuo Governor's Division to pick up tasks to Samsung (washing one star 10 gold/time, two stars 20 gold/time, washing Samsung 50 gold/times) Wash here (one -star two -star Samsung requires 100 gold, 200 gold, 500 gold/time).
    It jewelry to Samsung after receiving the corresponding formula to produce Chenghua jewelry (the creation ring needs to correspond to the Samsung Ring 5 creation strange stones, and the manufacturing necklace needs to correspond to the Samsung necklace 25 creation strange stones).
    This -level creation ring creates a creation ring 1 corresponding Taoist righteousness. It is washed 800 gold at the NPC king of the sky in the sky, and the probability of success is 1%.
    This -level manufacturing necklace to create a pair of god -level jewelry that needs to be corresponding. Create necklace corresponding Taoist two in the NPC king of Sky City once was washed once at 800 gold, and the probability of success was 1%.
    In the time when the pads are washed, the corresponding jewelry and props need to be placed in the bag, and it has sufficient gold before the NPC shows the task.
    Net jewelry suit ring u003Ctop> ring u003CXia> necklace set skills u003Cskill consumption 1000 real gas>
    Emperor Junjun set Emperor Junfu Stone? Tiandao Emperor Jun Blood Jade? Huaxian Soul Qu
    Capped its own fatal blow damage by 120%, lasting 20 seconds, cooling for 600 seconds
    Bylong Tengkui
    In increases its own movement speed of 2.2 meters/s, last 45 seconds, cool 600 seconds
    Taiyi Liuhe Phantom Tears
    The probability of 40%of its own fatal blow, last 30 seconds, cooling for 600 seconds
    Xingtian set to punish heaven Ruishi? Tianyi Xing Tian Blood Jade? Tianyi Xingtian Seal? Taihao Taihao? Taihao Qisha Dou Soul
    In your skills to hit 24, last 20 seconds, cool 600 seconds
    Zhu Rong set Zhu Rongfu Shi? Tianyuan Zhu Rongyu? R N increases its own attack power of 3725, which lasts 20 seconds, cools for 600 seconds
    Rainy sets of Yu Shi Ru Shi? n Increased its own defense 8275, which lasted for 30 seconds, cooling for 600 seconds
    The set attributes to strengthen the creation rings are runestone and blood jade enhanced correlation necklace to have set skills! Any two pieces can stimulate the set effect.

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