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  1. Taoism in Taishan began in the late Eastern Han Dynasty in 1800 years ago, Zhang Ling created five Doumi Road. Feng Laozi teaches ancestors and respects Taishang Laojun. In the meantime, Zhang Ling's disciple Cui Wenzi went up the mountain to pick up medicines into "Huang Chi San Jiu". Since then, Taoism has spread in Taishan. Taoism is the ideal practice place for the cave house where the fairy is living in the fairy. Taoism believes that Taishan God and Grandma Taishan are the most important gods in Taishan. Bixia Yuanjun, who was supplied to Bixia Temple, became the most wise goddess in the minds of believers. They thought that as long as "accumulating virtue and good heart, she would agree with her, she would agree." Until now, tourists who come to Taishan are the primary goals for Grandma Taishan. The famous Dao Cangs who have cultivated in Taishan include Cui Wenzi, Zhang Lianshi, Qiu Chuji, Zhang Sanfeng and other dozens of people. Cui Wenzi was the early Taoist of Taishan. He collected Shanba medicine and made "Huang Chi San Jiu" to treat the people and lays a strong folk foundation for Taoism in Taishan. Zhang Lianshi is the first female Taoist Taishan. She once accompanied the Minister of Beijing to worship the Yue Yue, and on the cliff on the peach blossoms of Wanxianlou, Taishan, and Zhang Lianshi's inscription. There is a song "Sending Dongyue Zhang Shi Shi Shi Poetry": "Dongyue's real person Zhang Lianshi, elegant and light in the world. The influence of Quanzhen School in Mount Tai has greatly appeared, and many famous Taoist temples have appeared, especially the reputation of Qiu Chuji. According to the historical records of Taishan, Qiu Chuji, the disciples of Wang Chongyang's team and the founder of Quanzhen Dragon School, had cultivated Jinshi Cave in Hou Shiwu. The Taoist View Academy represented by Bixia Temple is still the mainstream of Taishan religion. On the fifteenth day of the first lunar calendar, there are countless good men who come to the grandmother of Taishan's birthday. After Tang Gaozu Li Yuan became the emperor, it is said that Taishang Laojun said that he was the descendant of Taishang Laojun, and his descendants should enjoy the country for thousands of years. "Tang Hui Yao" Volume 50 "Respect Taoism" said: "In May of the three years of Wude, Jinshan, Jinzhou, walked in Yangjiaoshan (Fushan County) Yangjiaoshan. It is said that my language Tang Tianzi, my ancestor, this year, after the thieves, in Sun Xiangguo Chitose. Essence Tang Gaozong Li Zhi was the "Emperor Taishang Xuanyuan" for Lao Tzu, which made each state build a "Daiyue View" on the west side of the Taishan Queen Mother Pond, commonly known as "Laojun Hall". Since Tang Taizong, he attaches great importance to the alchemy and is superstitious about the medicines of longevity. As a result, Tang Taizong and Tang Gaozong died of poisoning because of the excessive serving Dan. Tang Xianzong also finally used "the bait to be fooled, the violent manner, and even abandoned the generation." ("Old Tang Book 131 volume) Tang Gaozong and Wu Ze are greater than the sixth year of Xianqing (AD 661). Taoist priest Guo Xingzhen and others went to Taishan to build a statue and set up "Double Beam Stele". Then Gao Zong and Xuanzong boarded Taishan, and Huang Lao Taoism entered the heyday at the head of Wuyue. Many famous Daoxian in the Tang Dynasty kept coming to Taishan Master. Lv Zu Zeng three to Taishan, one of the eight immortals, and refined in the cave. Queen Mother West also lived in Taishan for a long time.
    The Tang Xuanzong (AD 712-756), Taishan Women's Dao Zhang Lianzhuang Jade Girl Temple. During the first year of spread, Zhang Lianshi and Li went to Taishan to learn. Later, a boring family had a wife and concubine and returned from the official, and the official went to Dali. During the rebellion of Anlu Mountain, Li took his wife to Xiangyang. Later, he went to Yangzhou alone and met Zhang Lianshi on the way (Zhang invited his same places, Li Jianmen was magnificent, the temple was bright, the dancer was like a zheng, and the chants were like a family wife. , And tied to the skirt, then dispersed. The next day, Li Fu went to the gate and saw the deserted no one. He returned to Xiangyang to find his wife. Overnight, I dreamed of five or six dancers chasing me and said: 'Zhang Daxian called you to pick up a zither.' "I played with a zither, and the fairy farewell to the sand fruit was tied to my skirt. : Knowing that the female Dao Zhang Lianshi had won the sky. The Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi once gave the "Sending Dongyue Zhang Lian Shi Poetry" to praise his daughter: "Dongyue real person Zhang Lianshi, high affection and light world. , Jiu Shi Yuan Jun lived in Cuiwei. Jinyu was thrown in the golden machine, and the jacket on Yuqing was on the altar of Yuqing. Going to the flute without a flute partner, he only returned by himself. " The trainer once accompanied the Minister of Kyoto worshiped the Yue Yue. So far, on the cliff of Huazheng, the back building of Wanxian Building, there is still a inscription of Zhang Lianshi. The god of Feng Taishan is "Emperor Tian Qi Ren", and the gods in charge of Dongfang and Taishan are the "Emperor Guangsheng Emperor". Daxing Civil Engineering, Gong Guanlin stands. At the same time, he ordered the ministers Wang Qinruo and Zhang Junfang to editors. When Huizong (1101-1125 AD), he claimed to be "the Emperor of the Master Daojun". Dr. Tao Tao, Dr. Zhuangzi, and Dr. Liezi were also settled in Tai Xue. Therefore, there is a site of "Cai Zhi". In the second year of Dazhong Xiangfu, Song Zhenzong summoned the Taishan Hermit Qin Qin, who was "good at serving, and extended to the new year" to the capital, met himself, and gave it "Mr. Zhen Su". Song Huangyou Pang Guimeng was cultivated in the Queen Mother Pond of Dailu. Taoism was collectively referred to as "Tianshi Dao" before the Jin Dynasty. In the seven years of Jin Dading (1167 AD), Wang Chongyang was founded in Ninghai, Shandong (now Muping). The Lord, the all -true Tao of Confucianism and Buddhism. Since then, Taoism has been officially divided into two major sects of Zhengyi and Quanzhen. Student. Taishan is mainly true. At the time of Jin, Qiu Chu, Shandong Qixia, became a monk at the age of 19 in Kunyu Mountain, Ninghai (now Muping Southeast), worshiped Wang Chongyang as a teacher. Xidoju, begging for a long time, and caring for a while, known as "Mr. Yiyi". Then he went to Longmen Mountain in Longzhou to live in seclusion to monks to the founder of the Dragon School. Later "Changchun Real", and refining the Dan Yin Jin Sisi Cave. Yuan Taizu Genghis Khan respects it as a fairy. , Qiu takes Quan Zhen as a teachings, Yuan Shi gave the number "Nintho Dao Dao Grand Master 'Alias" Changchun "and went to Laoshan Sui Fairy. "The History of the Emperor" contains the Qiu fairy monument in Changchun Guan, which is engraved with the purpose of the emperor Genghis Khan. Then, the female disciple of the Qiu Chuji Ji Shun Shenjun abbot Changchun Guan, the emperor gave the title "Miao Zhen". Zhang Zhichun, a Shangbao person, can recite the five classics at the age of 6. He entered the "Huizhen Palace" in Tai'an City at the age of 12 and learned the way for several years. The name "Tian Ni Zi". Its name is "Zhiwei". "Zhichun", the name "Master Chongzhen Poode", was served as a dried purple suit. During this time, he served as the abbot of Dongyue Temple, Dongping Road caught some instructors. "Frost is clean, the sun stars are inner." The feather (in ancient times, he became a immortal, and later generations were 120 years old when Taoist died), and they died and died. Hundred -foot progress, Pengyuan Dongfu came. Previous Monk Monk, the door of this Taoist. "Yuan Hao and Xu Shilong in the Yuan Dynasty and Xu Shilong both had" Sending Tian Ni Zi to the Portum Mountain Poetry ". Famous. He collects three urchins as an apprentice: one taught Xi Shuishui, the second professor of Hanshu, and the third was granted in the industry. Later, the Xi Shui water was overwhelmed by the flood of the Yellow River in the Jinan government. There are tens of millions of crowds, Feng Juejue is appreciated; Chinese book writers are blind, relying on speaking, begging for food; In the between Shilong came to Taishan again. At this time, only the old Taoist priests in the footsteps of the Yuan Dynasty saw the appearance, and the black -haired child Yan was seen as a child. Fake, it is true to associate with Tian Nizi. Xu Shilong has a poem as a proved: "Ninety -year -old line has not flowed, and Taoists are full of smoke. Three thousand miles of Dongfu Di, the first place in the fairy house of Shenfu. Astronomical bulls pouring wine, rabbits, clean buds. He lives in love with Tao Hongjing, and Mo Zuo Mountain princes are boasted. "After Tian Nizi Yuhua, Xu Shilong also gave a mourning of" Remembering Dream Five -Year Poems ".
    In addition, the Elderly Village of Daiyang now has" Lang Ranzidong ", Liu Langran's monk at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty; There are "quiet stone houses", the cave is extremely deep, the stone bed is natural, the spring spring is fragrant, and the Sun Qingjing in the early Yuan Ninghai female Sun Qingjing is true. In the second year of Yanyou (AD 1315), on November 19th, it was feathered, leaving the remains: "Thirty years of practicing the mixed place, right and wrong. Now take off the Pippi, and the Sali Empty is natural. "It is stated that there is a famous Taoist Zhang Sanfeng, who used to cultivate a real alchemy in the north of the Yinyin Moon, and later called the" lazy Zhang Stone House ". , Great power to move the meditation tower. From the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, Taoism is still Taishan cave or dangerous cliffs, and it flows everywhere. Therefore, Taoism is endless in Taishan. There are still more than 20 temples.
    The fifteenth year of Hongwu (1382), set up a Taoist Division in Jingshi, belongs to the Ministry of Rites, as the highest administrative agency in managing Taoism; Products; Daozheng Division of the state, and Taoism; the county has a Dao Division, and the Taoist Association is one. . The Department of the Department is located in the Temple and Bixia Temple to strengthen the inspection of the Taoist women's crown. It is relatively independent. Hongwu three years (1370) with the change of Zen system, the title of "Tianqi Da Sheng Ren Sheng" was also canceled, renamed "the god of Dongyue Taishan", restoring the original appearance of the mountain god. , 11 years, twenty -eight, and thirty years, and then sent Taoist priests Wu Yongyu, Le Benran, Zhu Fengru, etc. to sacrifice Dongyue Taishan God. The warlocks, especially Sejong and Shenzong, they love various square techniques and believe in Fu Yan and Zhai. The finishing of Dao Shu in the Ming Dynasty also attaches great importance to the Taoist script. Shenzong's poor eunuch Li Shengzhai went to Tai'an and issued a "Tao Tibetan" to the Temple of Dai. "Ask for the long -term stability of the feudal rule. This is the purpose of God's promoting Taoism, and it is also the purpose of the ruler of the past. : Eight years of Sejong Jiajing (1529), Tai'an locusts, nine years of locusts, 16 years of Tai'an Da Water, Thirty Tai'an Water, "Drowning", 31 years, "Taishan is hungry, hungry pillow, The people take more meat. "In the fourteenth year of Shenzong Wanli (1586)," Taishan Bixia Palace came to pray to the burnedrs to trample each other. Just where you go. "(" History of the History "). The believer is full of religious enthusiasm and seeks hope in the vast fog, but in the end, it only wants to become a bubble, and the people who are injured are those people who devote themselves to the Taishan gods.
    The feudal ruler not only passed the Taishan god to only anesthesia, but also used economic exploitation to Fragrant Kelly. In the eleventh year of Mingwu Zongde (1516), the court used the suggestion of the eunuch Li Jian to levy Taishan incense tax. There are 6 members of the branch from Yaoyou Pavilion via Red Gate to the Ding Ding and 1 chief inspector. It stipulates that the province's pilgrims per person will be 5 minutes and 4 % per person, and 9 cents and 4 % in other provinces. Since the registration of Fragrant Passengers from other provinces, it will be changed to 8 points for tax silver. In the early Qing Dynasty, it increased to 4 points. According to Ming Zhang's "Tong Zhi", "Total people entering the mountains, 8,000 people in the day, and 20,000 in the early spring of the spring." As for the jewelry, jade, jewelry, gold and silver dolls, copper coin robes, gartos satin, etc. These money "several national taxes, and several fees for the Grand Palace of Qilu Fanlu Guanlu, ... are taken to the end." All are divided into it. "The money dedicated to the Taishan deities entered the private bag of the officials. It was not until the thirteenth year of the Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty (1735) that the incense tax was abolished.
    The before the Ming Dynasty to the Opium War, China was at the end of the feudal society. The feudal system has gradually disintegrated, capitalist production relations have sprouted, and Western culture has begun to be introduced and affected. Under such new historical conditions, the feudal rulers cannot use the traditional feudal theology tools. Fast, but because Taoism and folk religion have a traditional relationship, Taoism still has a wide range of influences in the society.
    During this period, two major changes in Taishan Taoism: one is the activity of the god of Taishan, and the emperor will gradually popularize to the people; the other is that Dongyue Emperor is gradually replaced by Bixia Yuanjun. In the 35th year of Qianlong (1770), the "Rebuilding Temple Monument" outlined this evolution: "Covering from Chai Wang to Feng Zen, from Feng Zen to a fairy." The fairy Taoism represented by Bixia Yuanjun has achieved unprecedented development in Taishan.
    Erecing the Taishan of Song Zhenzong, he got a stone statue in the Jade Girl Pool in Dingding, and gave it to the name "Tianxian Jade Girl Bixia Yuanjun". And set up God, so he attached to this. I also wrote the scriptures, such as "Bixia Yuanjun's Guardian Poji Puji Scripture Scriptures", which claims: "Taishan Daiyue, Lingjing Kun Yuan, Yuan Jun, name is Tianxian," , Certificate of Tianxian, uniformly photographed the soldiers of Yuefu, and inspected the good and evil in the world. "In order to accept Bixia Yuanjun into the ranks of the Taoist gods, it also created myths and legends. Taishan has a puppet. "Three Mao Temple". In this way, one person passes its virtuality, and people are in fact. Bixia Yuanjun's value is also getting higher and higher. At first, he was the maid of Emperor Dongyue, and later became the daughter of Dongyue Emperor. In the end, he became an immortal appointed by the Jade Emperor. It's right. The Qing people recorded: "The rituals pray at the Temple of Mountain Mountain Mother Temple, and the Ephony is for a long time." By the beginning of this century, the people of Tai'an "tied to Taishan all day, and did not know that there was Taishan, and the famous grandma mountain. "
    The believers believe that Grandma Taishan is the god of Taishan. As long as" accumulating virtue and goodness, sincere heart, she will agree with her, she will agree. " It is the current vital interests. The believers are generally requested that "the poor are willing to be rich, the disease is willing to settle, the farmers are willing to be, the Jiaser's wish, the person who prays for the life, and the child will wish." ("Tai Shandong "Yuemiao Bei") As for the six reincarnation and the heavenly road, it is not an urgent consideration. It is also extremely expected to be rising during the day and immortality. However, this religious activity is in line with folk beliefs and the worship of ghosts and gods. At the same time, it is also closely related to the development of commodity production in the later period of feudal society and promoting the historical background of religion in the world.

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