The budget is only 10,000. Can you buy a diamond ring with high diamonds?

3 thoughts on “The budget is only 10,000. Can you buy a diamond ring with high diamonds?”

  1. On behalf of this excellent online surfing player, I sincerely present an answer to you.

    In fact, it is really not important to buy diamond ring styles. The focus is on diamonds. Therefore, I would rather spend more money to buy a better diamond.

    In the budget, the first consider diamonds. How to judge the good or bad diamond? It depends on the diamond certificate. SARINE Light Performance Certificate, a diamond certificate with a high degree of authentication. The significance of SARINE's optical performance certificate is that the light performance of diamonds will be rated. The more the diamonds are, the higher the rating. However, in fact, diamonds with equivalent prices and 4C rating do not mean that their optical performance rating is the same. At this time, the optical performance certificate is very reference.

  2. Naturally, it is possible. Otherwise, if the diamond ring has only more than 10,000, it has good quality. What should we do if our poor people do? I am still not getting married. When I got married, I bought the Liu Guifu brand diamond ring for my daughter -in -law. Its diamond quality was reliable and high.

  3. If it is about 10,000 budgets, it is recommended to choose a 30 -point diamond ring, and the comprehensive quality of diamonds will be higher. If you have a brand, you can compare more. There are many big names, such as Cartier, Levis, Tiffany, etc.

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