What is the difference between Vietnamese sand gold and gold

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  1. 1. Sand gold is also a type of gold. It is produced on the bottom of the river or a low -lying area, mixed with Shisha. It is a gold that was washed out after being was washed. : The gold content of sand gold is low, and the gold content is about 5%. The gold that you see in China is all thousands of gold, with a gold content of 99.9%.
    2, different degrees of hard and hard: Sand gold texture is hard, and Chinese gold is soft.
    3, the color is different: At first glance, the color of the sand gold is golden yellow. Look carefully, the golden color is real golden yellow.
    The expansion information:
    . Differential gold adulteration:

    1. Whether the gold has a white highlight, cut the gold bar or gold jewelry with ingredients, and observe the cut surface with a magnifying glass. If Seeing white highlights, because gold and 铱 cannot be fused together, it means that the gold is mixed with 铱.
    2, measure the proportion, first measure the weight of a pure gold bars with an balance, and then put the gold bars into the measurement cup and flood the gold bar. Then put the detected gold bars in a measuring cup, whether the scale of the water rises or decreases. As long as it changes, it means that the gold bar is not pure gold. But if it is gold jewelry, this method is not applicable because there is air in gold jewelry.
    3, real gold is not afraid of fire, put gold or gold jewelry on the fire for a while to observe its changes. Because the oxidation reaction occurs with oxygen in the air, the gold bars with insufficient purity will become gray; and the color of the pure gold will be red after the fire is baked. However, this method may be destroyed to jewelry.
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  2. Vietnam Sand Gold is a kind of gold. It is a gold that has not been refined, also called raw gold.
    The differences:
    1. Differences of gold content: Vietnamese gold and Chinese gold, the gold component content between the golden components is different. Chinese gold can reach 999 gold, the purity is very high, and the color is golden yellow. Vietnam's gold can generally only reach 99 gold, which is the 24K gold in the past.
    2, color difference: At first glance, the color is golden yellow. Vietnam 24K gold is hard, and Chinese gold is soft.
    3. Surface brass, inner red copper. A small amount of zinc and iron content have a weak response to magnets. Need to observe meticulous observation. The bunch of this kind of cargo color on the Dongxing port is only expensive and two -digit.
    4, sand gold, produced on the bottom of the river or low -lying area, mixed with sand and stone, and washed out of gold. Sand gold is a kind of gold but its gold content is low. Furthermore, sand gold is just a gold mine with impure purity. But to be purified to 999, the cost will exceed the value of Shajin itself. The so -called Vietnamese sand gold is the gold that has not been pure, also called raw gold.
    5, sand gold is relatively low in gold than gold. For some people who have limited economic capabilities and like gold jewelry, or those who do not pursue gold preservation are good choices.
    Extension information:
    In nature, gold appears in the golden blocks or golden grains, underground ore veins and accumulation layers in the form of monotherapy. The single quality of gold is solid at room temperature, with high density, softness, light, and corrosion resistance. Its ductility is the highest among known metal.
    Gold is very precious because of extremely rare. The cost of gold mining is very high, and many physical characteristics are very good. It has excellent stability and is convenient for long -term preservation. These characteristics have made gold very popular in human society. Gold has become humans. An important part of social complex mechanism.
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  3. The size of the sand and gold is different, the shapes are different, and the color changes with the purity. More than 90 % of them are red and red, eight become pale yellow, and seven become cyan yellow.
    The sand gold is a kind of gold. It belongs to the gold. The sand gold that was washed out was equivalent to 95%of gold.

  4. Hello everyone, I am a small mulberry tree, I will answer this question.
    It if you travel to Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, a local gold jewelry must be careful when purchasing.这种黄金饰品成色看起来与我国的黄金很是相似,但是价格却比国内要低廉很多很多朋友觉得自己捡了个大便宜,但是如果说你真的购买的话,到国内一样货,你可能就I feel how serious I have made it.

    and not only Vietnam, but this gold in many areas. His name is Sand Gold. In short, it is the gold that is collected from the sediment. If you do n’t look carefully at this kind of sand and gold, you ca n’t see the difference. Only those who really understand can understand how big the difference between the two is. Let me talk about the reason for this sand gold with you.
    The word "sand" in Shakinsha gold shows its production method. Shajin was found out at the low -lying area at the bottom of the river, that is, the yellow sand began to see gold. However, although Shajin brought a gold, in fact, the gold content of this gold is relatively low.
    has not been purified, in fact, the price is very low, because there are too many impurities. And Sand Jin, who has not been purified, is also known as raw gold.
    The main difference between the difference between Vietnamese sand gold in my country is actually the gold content. Everyone should have heard of Foot gold. Foot gold refers to 999 gold, while Vietnam's sand gold content can only reach 99 gold. The current gold on the Chinese market is foot gold, and this gauze in Vietnam is also called 24K gold.
    has a certain difference in appearance. For Vietnamese Shajin, if you look closely, you can find that although Vietnam Sand Gold looks golden yellow at first glance, he has a little whiteness if you look closely.
    The also knows that the texture of gold is relatively soft, that is, the higher the content of gold, the softer the texture. But Vietnam Sand Gold is relatively hard, because its gold content is relatively low.

  5. First of all, it is necessary to figure out what is sand gold and what is the so -called Vietnamese sand gold! Sand gold (sand gold), as the name implies, is like sand grains, is a gold mined from the middle nature and natural minerals of the middle of the mud (without further purity). The gold bars, jewelry and the like are also purified from Shajin (and rock gold).
    Seng seeing the explanation of Vietnam Sand Jin, many people answered a kind of gold. I expressed that I did n’t understand. I do n’t understand why no one tells the truth, or I do n’t understand it at all! Someone answered: Shajin is 99 gold. According to the price of the gold price of today's Shanghai Stock Exchange, about 99.95%per gram of the gold price of about 287 yuan, so how much should 99%of gold be?
    haha, all the mathematics are counted!
    Gold is a hard currency in the international market, (that is, you can monetize at any time) You can spend such a cheap money to buy 99%of gold with gold. You can recycle it. What will happen?
    The so -called Vietnamese sand gold has nothing to do with gold! It's not gold at all!
    Why do you say that Vietnam Sand Gold is not gold?
    , go to detect!
    The chemical element symbol of gold is AU. We put the so -called Vietnamese sand gold on the precious metal tester to detect it to see if there is a AU content in it!
    , fire burning
    The Chinese people have a real saying that they have not been afraid of fire since ancient times. This is the simplest and most practical method for testing gold. Yellow!
    not writing well, but it is true. Vietnam Sand Gold can be decorations, but it is definitely not gold, and some people on the Internet cannot be misleading!
    Jin Shichang

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