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  1. I. Bank exchange (calculated at the time of the exchange rate)
    procedures: 1. Prepare RMB cash/deposit, handler identity documents and photocopies, and related certification documents.
    2. Go to the bank to apply for foreign exchange purchase and fill in the application for foreign exchange purchase. In some cases, the approved documents of the Foreign Management Bureau must be obtained in order to apply.
    3. Bank review and confirmation of foreign exchange purchase applications, customer submission of relevant documents and vouchers.
    . The bank collects RMB money. The bank is issued to exchange water orders.
    5. The bank will supply foreign exchange according to the application for foreign exchange purchase applications, and handle it in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Foreign Management Bureau.
    . Stores and individuals exchange
    The exchange points for shopping shops in the market, but these exchange points generally charge fees or low exchange rate exchange, which is not cost -effective. If it is a large exchange or bank Better.
    . Hotel exchange
    It go to the hotel’s front desk for consultation. If they have a replacement point business with nearby banks, it can be solved easily.

  2. Currency exchange
    1 RMB yuan = 1.2669 Hong Kong dollars
    1 Hong Kong dollars = 0.7894 yuan
    exchange to conversion
    for the reference only. 03-08 16: 00

    It foreign currency exchanges the latest cash buying price

    According to the latest foreign exchange license rate on the day, 100 foreign currency can be exchanged for RMB: (Cash buy buy Input price)

    Formulas are: (Foreign currency ÷ 100) × Cash buying price = replaceable RMB

    (Note: Many people do not understand, the foreign exchange price of the official website It is calculated based on RMB 100, so it is necessary to use foreign currency ÷ 100, so it is simple)

    It comes from/sourcedb/whpj/
    The bank prices of the bank’s official website

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