1 thought on “How to exchange RMB into Hong Kong dollars?”

  1. Foreign currency can be directly at the bank and exchanged for RMB or other circulating currencies.
    If you want to be exchanged directly to RMB, then you must exchange it at the Bank of China. The bank will exchange you to RMB at a "cash purchase price" at a "cash purchase price" at the foreign exchange price of the day.
    It if you want to be exchanged for other circulating foreign currencies, you can go to the Bank of China, and you can also directly exchange to other banks to other banks with other banks that are exchanged for foreign currency!
    of course, other banks can also indirectly exchange your foreign currency to RMB, but it is more troublesome. You need to open an account in foreign currency first, and then give you a "foreign exchange settlement" business.
    So I suggest that if you want to use Hong Kong dollars to be converted into RMB, you can go directly to the "Bank of China". Convenient!

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