The truth of Renfu Medical Nursing Pumping Blipholi

Renfu medical care is a scam, 100 %

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  1. We are based on family members and Kangkang Robotics as the core, with Renfu Medical and Nursing Center as the outlets of the landing, with the resources of the TCM resources of Dr. Renfu Le Shan Group, and use the Renfu Selection Mall as an e -commerce platform. Through this complete set of Renfu Ecological Chain System, family members provide Chinese medicine as the core treatment, medical therapy, physiotherapy, dietary therapy and other services, so that the family is far away from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. "
    " Renfu Medical Nursing "is mainly based on Chinese medicine meridians dredging positioning and extracting therapy, breaking the myth of irresistible cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. This therapy can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in advance. It is immediate treatment.
    "The Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon" pointed out that the meridians have the characteristics of "qi and blood, bones and bones, yin and yang, decisive life and death, critical illness, rectification of falsehood, must not be unable to communicate".
    Since entering the 21st century, through the unremitting efforts of authoritative medical experts in various countries, the treatment methods of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases mainly targeting stroke and myocardial infarction have continued to increase. Innovation and treatment effects have also improved. However, it is far from the ideal level. For cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, no new fundamental breakthroughs in medicine, whether domestic or abroad. The Renfu Medical and Nursing Research Institute's authoritative medical expert scientific research team continued to explore and research under the leadership of Dean Dean of Deng Guobao, and finally created a new diagnosis and treatment technology for this problem. , Better solve the medical problems of world -class thrombosis prevention and treatment.
    ata TCM meridian stasis obstructive positioning and dredging therapy, adopt an internationally advanced high -definition far -infrared imaging analysis diagnosis system, and uses traditional Chinese medicine "CT" green medical examination- "Medical Infrared thermal image instrument" The gossip acupoint is selected, and the Chinese medicine meridian dredging extraction is used to clear the stasis stasis and clear the meridians. Break through the traditional detection method, use low -temperature thrombosis positioning and detection technology (1) comprehensive detection from head to toe (2) Clear and accurate thrombosis position (3) Development of thrombosis at a glance (4) accurate locking of the thrombus point, and the thrombus is rooted at

    The president of Renfu Le Shan Doctor Group
    The research and development of Chinese medicine meridian and collapse objection
    ata stealth thrombus positioning technology Intellectual property owners
    Peking University Renfu medical care research Dean Deng Guobao (Dean Special Assistant)

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