Can I make coffee at home? What special tools are needed?

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  1. Taking personal as an example, because the family coffee drinking is relatively large, I bought a semi -automatic Italian coffee machine and went to learn the production of coffee, so that it was more convenient to drink coffee at home.

    Then breakfast can drink American coffee, and occasionally drink milk coffee, so breakfast coffee is basically made of semi -automatic Italian coffee machine.

    The coffee in the afternoon tea time, I usually make hand coffee. Hand coffee requires preparation: coffee beans, filter cups, corresponding filter paper, sharing pot, hand punching pot, grinding tools, kitchen scale, timer. Specific method: grind coffee powder to granules of sugar, you can use manual grinders to use electric grinders to save time and effort. (Do not recommend coffee powder for hand -coffee, and now can be used to taste its flavor to the greatest extent.)

    Good hot water and grinding coffee beans;

    2. Fold the filter paper on the filter cup; (wet the filter paper with hot water, this step is not required, depending on personal habits, I am used to fighting, I get used to fighting Wet, rush down the taste of the filter paper by the way)

    3. Pour into the coffee powder. It depends on the actual situation of the selected coffee beans, and consider personal taste)

    4. It is recommended to be between brewing water temperature 88 92, depending on the situation of coffee beans;

    5. All preparation is the brewing action. The fine water flows around the rings in a uniform speed and always keeps the water flow stable. ;

    6. Inject twice the water of coffee powder first, stop and wait for steaming. The time is within 30 seconds, and then the water is injected.

    7. All the amount of water required is completed. Wait for the drip filter. When you see the powder bed clearly exposed, you can remove the filter cup, the extraction is completed, shake the pot, and pour it in advance. In the warm coffee cup, you can enjoy delicious coffee.

    This coffee is suitable for family use. In addition, if you feel that hand -coffee is still a bit complicated friend, you can use French press. The use of the French pot is very simple.

    Pre -preparation tools: French press pot, coffee beans, grinding tools, kitchen scale, timer (mobile phone)

    Gour coffee beans, grind slightly more than hand -made coffee beans;

    2. Pour the coffee powder into the pot and add an appropriate proportion of hot water (water temperature 90); ; ; ;

    3. Proper stir, cover the lid, do not press the filter on the lid, 4 minutes,
    n 4, time is over, slowly press down the filter, slowly press the filter, The extraction is completed, and it can be enjoyed in a warm coffee cup.

    This above is only for individuals to drink coffee at home. I hope that there is a reference for you. Coffee at home does not want to imagine that complicated. Friends who love coffee can try it.

    coffee beans, grinding beans, coffee machines.

    The coffee at home, but it is not comparable to the professional, but I feel better than takeaway. I will share my homemade coffee.

    It: cocoa powder, marshmallow, chocolate, whipped cream, black coffee, pure milk.

    1. Add a little water to the coffee powder and boil.

    2. Put chocolate and cook until melted.

    3. Add milk and cook 70 % hot.

    4. Put the appropriate amount of fresh cream and stir well to turn off the heat

    5. Finally put it in the cup, put it in marshmallow, sieve a layer of cocoa powder Can be eaten.

    It don't like too sweet, the last step can be ignored.

    Is, please answer your questions. Of course, you can make coffee at home and share several methods and tools for coffee at home!

    Plip coffee coffee beans and coffee powder. Coffee beans are raw beans roasted cooked beans, which has a longer preservation time and better flavor. It will be shorter. Many businesses will provide grinding services. They can choose to be grinded into coarse powder according to the brewing tool. If you buy coffee beans, you need to prepare a grinding bean machine.

    is the brewing tool,

    1. The easiest is the ear filter paper, which is suitable for various cup types. Put the powder in the filter paper and brew with hot water and filter. Out, add sugar and milk to make your favorite taste. This is a disposable product. The price range from a dozen to dozens of dollars, which is cheaper.

    2. Hand -punch coffee pot set, including V -shaped filter paper, filter cup sharing pot and hand punching pot. The operation is relatively simple. The general price is between 100 and 300.

    3. Electric mocha pot, with round filter paper, coffee water, high temperature, extracted coffee flavor, the price is about 200 to 500

    4,,,,,, Fully automatic coffee machine, which is relatively easy to operate, this price is relatively high, basically above 1,000.

    This Choose according to your preferences

    It today introduce a home coffee making new appliance: D chiral pressure. The full name is "Delter Coffee Press". Designed by Australians, it came out at the end of 2018. D of DARAE was published at the beginning of the announcement, and it was enthusiastically sought after, and seven days of "350%crowdfunding financing".

    D special pressure design is ingenious. The use of a new extraction principle "injection extraction" can make the extraction of coffee accurate and controllable. The sealed high temperature heat -resistant design, with a unique piston, can inject water to the coffee powder according to the preset amount and time, and the pressure will be completely controllable.
    d's special pressure constructor

    d's special pressure coffee production parameters to determine D super -pressure coffee production method
    . Coffee beans are grinded into powder

    It weighing 16.7g coffee powder. Because it is a hand -shaking grinding bean machine, it will almost no loss. The actual use is 16.6g coffee powder.

    This grinding grinding machine evenly slowly and grinding into home white sugar granules.

    3. Pour in coffee powder and cover.

    In the coffee warehouse of D chiral pressure, and then pour the coffee powder in turn to ensure that the surface of the coffee powder is flat.

    In the coffee powder warehouse and then reverse.

    4. Add water for the first time: 200ml

    Add 200ml of 92 water. (Electronic scale during accurate period, you can also add the water volume scale line directly to the surface of the water position)

    5. Small steaming process: 30 seconds

    At 50ml of the scale line, then slowly press down. Waiting for 30 seconds, we will look at the slow dripping coffee liquid.

    6. Extracting process

    This lift the piston stick to the highest water temperature at the water position, and then slowly press the remaining water (150ml) in the water position.

    7. The second water injection: 100ml

    continued to add 100ml hot water to the piston stick.

    The water of 100ml water slowly.

    The take for about 2 minutes and 10 seconds throughout the process.

    8. Complete drinking

    The coffee liquid that was finally obtained by using 300ml of hot water at this time was about 250ml. The residue is left in D 特.

    Due to the iron filter used, the density of the filter is larger, so the coffee oil is also rich.

    d Special pressure compared to its same brothers "Philharmonic Press": Philharmonic pressure uses "soaking extraction", and D is used for "pressure filter extraction principle". The difference between the two is very different.

    D special pressure water volume is precise and controllable, and can easily make 400ml coffee at one time. The high temperature and heat -resistant design, water and coffee powder are completely isolated before extraction. For example, a large number of coffee is made at one time. You can use 25g of coffee powder to remove a cup with 200ml water. extraction.

    of course you can make coffee at home.

    First of all, you need to prepare some necessary tools. If you just drink coffee, the easiest tool is to press the pot. The price is not expensive. It's easy to use.

    . If you usually want to drink some latte or the like, make a milk bubble, then you can buy a milk foaming device.

    If you want to experience the fun of brewing coffee, it is recommended to rush directly, then you need a set of hand -made coffee pots, and you can buy it on the Internet. Buy some.

    If you want to save trouble, then buy a coffee machine directly. The most automatic one is the simplest. You can also find it on the salted fish, and you will always find one that suits you.

    then buying coffee beans. It is recommended not to buy too much when buying coffee beans, because coffee is too long, the flavor is very easy to change, so if there is a small packaging or more, if there are small packaging or more, The combination of flavors is more suitable for friends who start to contact coffee, so it is easier to buy their favorite taste.

    then you can support grinding when you buy it, so you can choose whether it is grinded or not grinding. If you need grinding, you must tell the customer service what the coffee tool you use. What kind of thickness is grinded to you.

    The process of purchase and production is relatively simple. I hope my answer can help you.

    The do not require too professional appliances, a grinding bean machine and coffee machine, or directly filtering paper paper!

    of course, coffee enthusiasts like to use nothing!

    The coffee to enjoy this process. The sense of ritual is very important [Bi Xin]

    I have brewed coffee by myself, not only can I drink the right taste, but it is also very enjoyable to do it myself.

    The coffee is essentially four things:

    grinding coffee beans into powder> Add water> Extract> Filter the coffee residue and complete the coffee.

    The most recommended hand -made coffee here, high ornamental, high playability, can show different flavors of control, and the entry is simple. Many people like hand -made coffee, not only because of elegant appliances and operations, but also more importantly to make a unique taste that suits them.

    The principle of hand -coffee coffee:

    In the pot with the pot to inject hot water into the filter paper with coffee powder, and pour the coffee powder and water by pouring into the hot water Fully contact, extract the soluble substances in it, and restore the taste of the coffee itself. The polishing is generally grinding like sugar;

    So what do you need to prepare for coffee at home:

    Electronic name, thermometer, filter paper, coffee bean, grinding bean machine

    grinding bean machine: used for grinding of coffee beans. The grinding bean machine can grind the coffee beans evenly, and each coffee residue is consistent. If the size is different, the large coffee residue may not be able to extract adequately, and the small coffee residue may be excessive, so the coffee residue with uniform size is the key to the ideal extraction. For friends who are coffee with entry -level coffee, the hand -shaking grinding bean machine is easier to get started. If you want to drink a freshly grinding coffee, it is self -evident that the importance of using a reliable milling machine.

    Electronic scale: According to your own taste preferences, the amount of coffee beans is called. Some barista also completes the entire extraction process directly on the scale. Because it can accurately calculate the meal ratio, weighing is also an important step that affects the taste of coffee.

    The filter cup: The material of the filter cup is ceramic, glass, copper, resin, etc., you can choose according to personal preference.

    The filter paper: A suitable filter paper can not only help you isolation of coffee powder, but also extract a very pure coffee liquid. When buying, you need to consider the size and shape of the filter cup.

    This punching pot: It is best to use a thin mouth pot to facilitate the control of water flow and water injection painting circle.

    Thermometer: temperature has a great impact on the extraction of coffee, the water temperature is too high, excessive extraction, the flavor is lost, leaving only the bitterness; The same light. If the boiling equipment used cannot control the temperature, and if you want to play more professional, you need a water temperature meter

    to share the pot: similar to the fair cup used by Kung Fu tea. If you drink alone for a long time Essence

    It, please see Hainan Rong Yida's hand -made process teaching:

    I often make hand -made coffee by myself.

    The steps of self -made hand -made coffee:
    1. First prepare coffee beans
    I usually run out. Because coffee powder is not easy to store, it will affect the taste with the dispersion of air oxidation.

    The coffee beans can be purchased according to your favorite, purchase time, and you need to pay attention to the baking date. My hand rushes to choose a moderate baked beans.
    2. Electric grinding bean machine, very convenient and fast
    The number of grinding tongue tools on the Internet.

    3. Fill the coffee powder with the empty powder groove of the mocha pot. Tighten the top of the pot. Put it on the gas gas to heat. When the hot water boiled, it began to extract and turn off the heat. I usually cook it for 5-7 minutes.
    4. Add the plant or pure milk according to the taste.
    If there is no mocha pot at home, it is also possible to use a filter cup filter paper. Put the filter paper on the filter cup and drop it on the coffee cup. Add the milk and complete it.

    It what level of coffee you want to drink.

    low standard

    The quick -soluble coffee (not recommended to drink additives), which can be quick -soluble pure black coffee
    n R n hanging ear coffee;

    coffee powder, filter

    high standard

    This needs to have coffee beans, coffee grinders, and equipment for coffee, which is more troublesome. However, many people like to enjoy this process.

    This type

    Capsule coffee machine, now many capsule coffee machines on the market are not expensive and convenient.


    The easiest coffee is the easiest. You can choose non -added pure black -speed coffee, which is relatively healthy, cheap, and good cost performance.

    This coffee with coffee powder with coffee powder is relatively troublesome, but the flavor will be better than quick -soluble coffee, and the price is more cost -effective.

    This grinding coffee to cook coffee. This requires the most equipment, and it takes time to spend time compared to the first two, but not only a cup of coffee, but also a process of enjoying life.

    The capsule coffee machine is purely convenient, and it can be drunk with a variety of flavors.

    By the way, you often have a quick -soluble pure coffee and hanging ear coffee at home. I used to grind coffee and cook coffee for a while, but if I go to work at work, it does not allow time. Now that hand -grinding coffee machine has become a furnishings, it is pretty good.

    except drinking pure black coffee at home. I also often add milk to become simple latte; add soy milk, simple soy milk coffee; add coconut milk, simple coconut milk coffee. They are all sugar -free, healthy drinks, very affordable and delicious.

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