What should I do if I buy a gold jewelry without an invoice?

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  1. Solution without invoices:
    (1) Consumers can actively contact merchants to negotiate to solve problems.
    (2) If it is not a consensus, you can seek the help of the Consumer Association and intervene in the mediation.
    (3) If the jewelry store finds the invoice of the invoice when the consumer originally purchased the diamond ring, it can be processed according to the loss of invoices.
    (4) The corresponding consumers should also pay the fee for the invoicing.
    This to buy gold such as gold requires the bills provided by merchants:
    (1) Shopping invoices. Be careful not to financial vouchers. Some merchants do not issue invoices to customers in order to evade taxes, but give a receipt certificate. The voucher is not a formal bill that protects rights and interests, and must insist on invoices.
    (2) Jewelry appraisal certificate. Including weight (gram), purity, style description, processing date.
    (3) After -sales service card (repair card). After -sales service is an important extension service and an important part of protecting its rights and interests.

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