How to use Starbucks 2014 white hand -coffee cup

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  1. It is used with a hand -punching pot. You need to prepare a hand -punching pot, filter paper (it seems that it contains 5 pieces of filter paper, you can buy the Starbucks store accordingly after using it). Essence After buying coffee beans, grind it into a coffee powder (talked to the clerk the degree of hand coffee), and then fold the two folding marks of the filter paper and put it in the dripping pot. Use your hand to preheat the filter paper with your hand. After preheating, you can put it in the coffee powder. After putting it in the powder, you should gently pat it with your hands. Finally, put the coffee powder with boiling water about 90 ~ 96 degrees Celsius with your hand. Just soak the coffee powder.
    The detailed hand -made steps are particularly particular. You can check the method of direct rush online, because Starbucks Drop The filter pot is a single -hole straight line, so it will be better in a straight way (the method of rotating is not recommended). When punching coffee, pay attention to its moisture ratio, temperature, grinding, and so on. Essence

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