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wholesale gold jewelry suppliers in dubai

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  1. wholesale crystal charms and beads for makeing jewelry In order to ensure bandwidth and different levels of services, the subnet manager uses virtual channels, similar to multiple lanes on highways. The channel is virtual, not the actual existence, because it is not composed of actual cables. By using the byte position, and according to different priority, the same pair of cables can carry different groups of pieces.
    1.0 defines 16 virtual channels, 0 to 15 channels. Channel 15 is reserved for management, and other channels are used for data transmission. A passage is dedicated to management to prevent the normal management of the network when traffic congestion. For example, the network is ready to change its topology at any time. The equipment is hotly inserted. When the device is pulled out of the network, the network is required to quickly configure the topology mapping. The subnet manager uses channel 15 to check the changes in the configuration of the switch, router and terminal nodes.
    Except for data virtual channels, the virtual management channel is reserved, this is the management internal management. It also provides options with foreign management. In the bottom plate configuration, the management signal uses a special channel independent of the data channel. The bottom plate configuration is more used in the server and the storage subsystem. Similarly, the bottom plate of PCI and PCI-X is also located here.
    In addition to direct transmission on the virtual channel, the subnet manager can also adjust and match the data rate of the point -to -point channel between the two nodes. For example, if a server has a 4x interface to the network, and the target storage subsystem that sends the data is only 1 times the interface, the switch can automatically establish a compatible channel without loss of grouping and preventing more high -speed data. transmission.

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