wholesale feng shui jewelry Is it a scam for a zero down payment? What should I pay attention to when choosing this car purchase method?

wholesale feng shui jewelry

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  1. wholesale jewelry market in china It is not necessarily all scams. The zero -piping car purchase seems to be very attractive, but there is a lot of risks.
    1. The legal risk and corresponding precautions of car buyers: If the car buyer uses a car dealer or an intermediary agency to buy a car, it should beware of increasing the price of the car or the increase of the procedures for the intermediary agency. Fees and increase interest rates. Car buyers can learn about the market price of their target vehicles before buying a car, and talk to the car dealer when buying a car before buying the price before explaining that they are a loan to buy a car or know the handling fee in advance to understand the handling fee. And the calculation and repayment of interest on the interest.
    If buyers to buy a car with a mortgage property loan, the main risk is to pay attention to paying off the loan on time to prevent the bank's final mortgage right and lead to the transfer of property rights.
    If the car buyer pays the car with the cash cash in handling, pay attention to the over -paying amount according to the credit line and the prescribed period, otherwise a large amount of interest may occur or even violates credit card crimes.
    2. For the legal risks of automobile dealers and corresponding precautions: Regarding the proportion of car loans, the "Administrative Measures for Automobile Loan Management" jointly announced by the Central Bank and the CBRC stipulates that 80%of the purchased car price; the amount of second -hand car loans shall not exceed 50%of the car price of the car purchased by the borrower.
    In the Central Bank and the CBRC issued the "Guiding Opinions on Increasing Financial Support for New Consumption Fields" stipulated that financial institutions that have approved the personal automobile loan business approved by the CBRC to handle new energy vehicles and second -hand car loans. On the basis of 15%and 30%of the lowest requirements, it can be determined by the principles of voluntary, prudential and risk controlling principles. From the above provisions, it can be seen that the proportion of self -use automobile down payment is more than 20%, so if the car dealer uses a zero payment method without authorization, it may lead to the bank's loan contract, not to the loan, and may face the car buyer to pursue the lawsuit by the lawsuit. The issue of liability for compensation.
    If the car dealer pays the car for the car buyer, you should carefully review the relevant situation of the credit status and repayment ability of the car buyer in advance to prevent some unnecessary borrowing disputes at that time.

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    . Data requirements: You need to provide your second -generation ID card and my debit card during the application process.
    Note: The application only supports the debit card, and the application card is also your borrowing bank card. My identity information needs to be a second -generation ID card information, and I cannot apply for a temporary ID card, an expired ID card, and the first -generation ID card.

    The answer is provided by rich money. Due to objective reasons such as timeliness, if the content of the content is not in line with the actual interest fee calculation method of rich money products, The loan page is displayed. I hope this answer is helpful to you.

  3. bridal jewelry box wholesale Although the zero down payment is not necessarily a scam, it will not be dropped in the sky. Do n’t they make money? Intersection The car with zero down payment is not under your name, but in their name, you have to pay the loan after paying the loan, then the car is transferred to you, so the early stage is equivalent to you to rent a car

  4. wholesale 925 sterling silver charm jewelry Zero down payment to buy a car is not a scam, but the interest of zero down payment will be a little higher, and there are zero down payment to buy a car to pay a handling fee.

  5. wholesale metal jewelry boxes The specific steps for installing the car in installments are as follows:
    1. First of all, determine the model you want to buy. Although most of the models can now apply for installments, there are also individual models that cannot be handled. Therefore, you need to ask the 4S shop in detail before buying a car to see if the car you want to buy can be made in installments.
    2. Then calculate the down payment. There are still certain down payment in installments, usually not less than 20%of the car price, and there are not less than 30%in individual regions. This must be asked clearly. If you want to buy a car of 100,000 yuan, you need to pay a down payment of 20,000 or 30,000. Estoring refers to the removal of the remaining models.
    3. Also, to calculate good interest and monthly supply. This can directly let the 4S shop help you calculate. Usually the staging period of the car is the longest of 2 years, and the interest rates of different banks may be slightly different. Therefore, the sales staff must be clear before signing the contract.
    4. Pay attention to whether there are additional conditions. Although some 4S shops can be staged and interest rates are relatively low, there will be additional conditions at the same time. For example, the insurance of the first year of the new car must be full insurance, insurance at 4S shops, etc. These must be clearly asked.
    5. Finally, provide relevant documents, sign contracts, pay down payment, and pick up the car. This needs to provide my ID card, driver's license, wage bank flowing water, etc. Individual 4S stores may also need a proof of income, which proves that you have the ability to repay, and then sign a contract. After reviewing and passing the down payment, you can pick up the car.

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