wholesale copper jewelry blanks Hello spot investment is a virtual transaction trading?

wholesale copper jewelry blanks

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  1. wholesale labret jewelry Spot transactions are a new investment channel. In the context of the country’s encouragement of the development of the virtual economy, there will be great and stable development prospects, including physical transactions.

    Stock is the real cargo
    . The concept and role of physical delivery refers to the transfer of the ownership of the goods owned by the futures contract through the futures contract of the futures contract. The process of maturity unsuitled contracts. Commodity futures transactions generally use physical delivery systems. Although the proportion of futures contracts that are finalized in physical delivery is very small, it is this very small amount of physical delivery connect the futures market to the spot market, providing important prerequisite for the performance of the market function. In the futures market, physical delivery is an institutional guarantee that promotes the consistency of futures prices and spot prices. When the futures price is severely deviated from the spot price due to excessive speculation, traders will conduct arbitrage transactions between the two markets of futures and spot. When the futures price is too high and the spot price is too low, traders sell futures contracts in the futures market and buy goods in the spot market. In this way, spot demand has increased, spot prices have risen, futures contract supply increases, futures prices have decreased, and futures price differences are reduced; when the futures price is too low and the spot price is too high, traders buy futures contracts in the futures market, in the spot market, and in the spot market Sell ​​products. In this way, futures demand has increased, futures prices have risen, spot supply increases, and spot prices have decreased, making the current price difference. The above analysis shows that through physical delivery, the two markets of futures and stocks have been interacted with each other. Futures prices are finally consistent with the spot price, so that the futures market can truly play the role of price barometer. In actual operations, some of the setting period preservation of the spot circulation channels, according to the relevant information of the spot market, directly throw or purchase the spot in the futures market to obtain the difference. This period of cash is eliminated to eliminate the risks brought by various non -price factors to a certain extent, and objectively played a role in guiding production and ensuring profit.

    . The delivery method and the settlement settlement price (1) Delivery method 1. “Concentration” delivery: That is, the delivery method of all -time delivery of all expired contracts after the final trading day of the delivery month. 2. “Disaptive” delivery: In addition to all expiration contracts after the final trading day of the delivery month, the prescribed time for delivery from the first trading day to the last trading day can also be delivered from the first trading day of the delivery month. Essence (2) The settlement settlement price of the futures settlement price of the settlement price of my country’s futures contract is usually the settlement price of the contract with the date of the contract or the settlement price of the last trading day of the futures contract. The price of delivery of goods is based on the settlement settlement price, coupled with the quality of the quality of different levels of commodities, as well as the promotion water of the in -site delivery warehouse and the benchmark delivery warehouse.

    . The actual delivery procedure
    (1) The first mount day 1. The buyer’s intention. The buyer’s intention to submit the product to the exchange within the first delivery day. The content includes varieties, licenses, quantities, and designated delivery warehouse names. 2. The seller will hand in the standard warehouse bill. The seller will pay the storage expenses within the first delivery day to pay the storage fee.
    (2) The second exchange daily exchanges allocate standard warehouse orders. On the second mounting date of the exchange, according to the existing resources, in accordance with the principles of “priority, quantity of time, nearing pairing, and overall arrangements”, the buyer allocates standard warehouse orders. The standard warehouse receipts that cannot be used for the delivery of the next futures contract.
    (3) The third delivery day
    1. The buyer pays and withdraws. The buyer must deliver the payment to the exchange before 14:00 on the third delivery date and obtain a standard warehouse receipt.
    2. The seller received. The payment will be paid to the seller before 16:00 on the third delivery date.
    (4) Fourth and fifth -to -fifth Japanese sellers pay special VAT invoices. Standard warehouse orders are transferred on the exchanges, and their circulation

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