jewelry wholesale 26th street nyc May I ask if it is an entity to buy a commodity future

jewelry wholesale 26th street nyc If so, can it be strong?
I I heard that real estate and futures are entities .. The stock market is a virtual economy ..!

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  1. cheap fashion jewelry wholesale Personal investors can almost cannot deliver commodity futures. All the goods of the Dalian Zhengzhou Futures Exchange and the gold of the Shanghai Futures Exchange clearly stipulate that individual investors cannot delivery and can only speculate. However, because futures products are always around spot products, and the closer to the price difference between the two, the smaller the price difference. The stock price in the stock market is generally several times that of its net assets, and the premium is high. Compared to the stock market, futures can be said to be entities.

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    For speculators, the difference between the price fluctuation of futures price fluctuations is profitable. There is no specific physical object. The speculative operation of futures is an online electronic contract. For those who are not entities

  3. druzy stone jewelry wholesale in kolkata For individuals, commodity futures are mainly speculative. Enterprises are used to save value and arbitrage! You can participate in training

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