Which of Zhou Dasheng and Lao Fengxiang's necklace is better?

2 thoughts on “Which of Zhou Dasheng and Lao Fengxiang's necklace is better?”

  1. Hello everyone, I am (MISS). I am a fashion creator in the fashion field. I like fashion and dress. I like to wear all kinds of good -looking jewelry, because I think fashion makes people look comfortable outside. A person's appearance mainly depends on what other people look like. For fashion, I have different eyes to look at things. s things. When choosing trend fashion, you will become unique. For this issue, the following is my point of view and sharing:
    Lao Fengxiang, listed company, China's Fortune 500 companies, is a century -old national brand, a well -known jewelry brand in China.
    Lao Fengxiang Co., Ltd. was developed from the development of Lao Fengxiang's silver building founded in 1848. The creativity of its trademark "Lao Fengxiang" also stems from the name of Lao Fengxiang Yinlou. It is the classic jewelry brand that crosses China for three centuries
    The above is my point of view and sharing. I hope everyone likes it. I also hope that everyone can wear the beauty of their charm and temperament. Everyone has their own unique style. Some people are beautiful, but they do not pay attention to dressing and dressing. It is also impossible to show your beauty. Therefore, we wear and wear very important. It can be said to be a necessity of life.
    In I wish everyone more and more beautiful, handsome guys become more and more handsome. Happy every day
    , everything is happy, happy and happy
    INT and healthy, you can be a little red in the flowers, you can also become beautiful! thank you all!

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe gold jewelry of Lao Fengxiang and Zhou Dasheng's two brands is almost the same. Lao Fengxiang has a long history. I tend to recommend Lao Fengxiang more. From the aspect of brand history, number of branches, profits, and gold prices, the two brands are good. Lao Fengxiang was founded in 1848. It has a long history and rich cultural heritage. It has been rated as the "China's Gold Jewelry First Brand" by the Gold Association. Business gross profit is only 7.78%, and consumers just like jewelry companies with low profits. Zhou Dasheng was established in 2000, and the number of branches across the country is also around 3,000. The number of branches is divided into autumn. His positioning is the leading brand of diamond jewelry in the middle and high -end mainstream markets. The proportion is not high. From these simple data, you can clearly see that buying gold, Lao Fengxiang and Zhou Da's candidate-home, it is still a better Lao Fengxiang.nI hope my answer can help you

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