Korean Pose Opening Skin Management Studio Plan -How to plan activities

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  1. 1. Investment advertising
    The propaganda work of the skin management store is not afraid of no customers on the day of opening. For small skin management stores, although you cannot invest a lot of funds like large skin management stores on TV on TV on TV Advertising, but you can choose posters, leaflets, networks, etc. Do not underestimate the role of leaflets. Although many people do not read the leaflets now, the information of the opening of the skin management store can be implanted in the minds of passers -by. This propaganda is pervasive and can be distributed to the target customers.
    . Borrowing time promotion and free skin management
    I believe that many people will encounter such a situation. When a mall starts to discount, it will send a leaflet in advance to promote the promotion time of the store. It will be found that people in the mall are overcrowded, and the often teams are waiting for free gifts in front of the door. In fact, these are the publicity and business strategies that merchants attract customers. How many customers in front of the door can get certain prizes or discounts. This method has been tried and uncomfortable, and it is not necessary to use this method to use this method.
    . Store advertisements
    When the skin management store is opened, store publicity is also very important. Operators need to think more about the decoration of the skin management store. In order to give customers a new feeling, it is It was impressed by the customers who came and came and going. Some operators spent heavy money to make customers enjoy the high -end skin management store, and this did attract a large number of customers. This promotion effect is better.

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