There are too many types of turquoise in the market. How do you choose turquoise?

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  1. The turquoise color is elegant and deep, and the iron line is natural. The polished pine can be used as a bead accessory and inlaid into jewelry. However, with the increase in the demand for turquoise markets, there are also various counterfeit products and optimized turquoise products in the market. The turquoise itself is a complex jade. Whether it is novice or an old player, it is often a bit elusive. Through the quality, there are many types of quality, there are many types, and the complicated concepts are a bit confusing. Today, Zhenpin Xiaoyuan briefly introduces how to distinguish when choosing turquoise.
    It turquoise is a relatively high price in the type of jade. There are many people who like it. Porcelain, hardness, iron wires. However, because there are many fakes in the market, with falseness, let everyone really do n’t know how to start when buying turquoise, then we use the simplest way to identify the quality of turquoise.
    The natural turquoise color is bright and clean. The treated turquoise color is dull, sometimes unnatural. Dark luster, the polishing surface is large from the natural gloss, the original ore has no excellent turquoise polishing face, and the hand feels sticky belt. At the same time, the natural turquoise water vapor disappears quickly. , They can bring spider web pattern or iron line matrix at the same time.
    The relative density of natural turquoise is 2.4-2.9, and the standard is 2.76, while the processing density is obviously small, about 2.4, or even less than 2.1. The turquoise is a double refraction gemstone, but because the turquoise often shows a collection In the body, there is only one approximate value on the refraction instrument of 1.62, and the processing value of the pine stone is less than 1.61, mostly 1.58-1.59. Under the strong reflection light, two medium and weak absorption bands can be seen occasionally.
    It can also use large precision instruments to better identify whether it is a treated turquoise. Under scanning electron microscope, the natural turquoise is scales, fiber -shaped and plate -shaped crystal shapes. It can be seen that pores and caves are filled between minerals. The form is obviously different. Use Fourier to change the red spectrometer test. The injection molding turquoise is at 2943/cm and 1453/cm, 1389/cm. Prove the existence of polymer polymers in the sample.

  2. First, look at the color. Sky blue is the best. Deep blue, green blue, blue and green. Light blue, blue and white. The second depends on the iron wire. Except for the distribution of mesh -like rails, the Ulan blossoms are recognized as high collection value. The third depends on hardness.

  3. First, see the color, the sky is the best, dark blue, green blue, blue and green, light blue, blue and white. Secondly, the iron wire, except for the mesh -like rail distribution of Ulan blossoms, recognize that it has high collection value. Third, it depends on hardness.

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