How to maintain the daily correct maintenance method of turquoise jewelry

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  1. The green color of the green can eliminate the fatigue of the eyes and give people a pleasant mood all day. As for her role, it is even more amazing. If it is made into a pendant to wear it on her body, it can indicate the role of the disease, because the green pine has a strong penetration, it has many pores, and the external material is easy to invade, making the gemstone chemistry in chemistry If the effect is changed, as long as the lipids and acids on human skin are slightly different from usual, the color of the turquoise will change, which reminds you to pay attention to your health.
    Is when wearing turquoise jewelry, it is best to keep a distance from cosmetics, perfumes and other items, so as not to damage gem jewelry
    2. Avoid the density of heavy solution during identification, because triathrine methane, two two, two two Iodine methane changes color.
    3. The color of the turquoise is delicate and afraid of pollution. Avoid contact with tea, soapy water, oil pollution, rust and alcohol to prevent the pores from penetrating into the gemstone.
    4. Green pine is afraid of high temperature, and it cannot be directly baked and sunlight directly, so as not to fade, burst, and cracks. The turquoise is small and crispy. The ring with other hard objects should also attract attention when wearing.
    In short, as long as it is kept clean and clean and the storage environment is kept, it is not heated by high temperature, does not meet strong acid, and avoids strong collisions.
    The disadvantage of turquoise is that it is easy to fade when heated or when it is heated, and it will also change color when being corroded by strong acid. Therefore, friends who collect the turquoise should pay attention to their maintenance, avoiding heat or acid. The appearance color. In addition, if the pungent with low hardness develops better, the more it has the characteristics of water absorption and fragmentation. Oil, sweat, tea stains and other external factors that are not easy to remove will enter the pores and cause the pores and cause it to cause it and cause the pores and cause it. Difficulty stains. So in the face of such turquoise, be careful of its storage environment. At the same time, turquoise is a more delicate jade variety. Whether it is processing, or wearing or use and collection, you should be careful and maintained.
    The last process of the green pine processing that is generally purchased is wax, and there are many types of waxes. Among them, the fusion of Sichuan wax is the best, which can give it a healthy luster and play a moisturizing role. This is to maintain us. The skin is the same, and it can remove the ash on the surface like a cleaner. Of course, the waxing of green pine is not an optimized role. It is a pores used to close the green pine, protecting the jewelry without sewage infiltration.

    The green pine is afraid of high temperature and cannot be baked directly with fire, otherwise it will cause cracks or fade due to losing water. Remember to keep sebum nourishing instead of sweat when wearing. Because the sweat secreted by human skin is salt and alkaline, especially when wearing a white shirt in the summer, it can be clearly seen after the sweat dried. Because the turquoise is a micro -absorbing water gem, it will cause the color of the pine stones to change after absorbing the corrosion of the sweat. During the loss of brightness, the correct wearing will be more and more moist. When swimming and soaking in hot springs, you must remember to pick it off, because the water in the swimming pool contains a large amount of disinfectant and bleaching powder. Essence To ensure that it is not contaminated, it should be avoided in contact with acid and alkali -containing items.

    If in all ethnic groups in our country, the most used in turquoise can count the Tibetan people. Many Tibetan necks wear a green necklace that is regarded as a soul. An ancient legend narrates the relationship between turquoise and soul: According to the will of God, the subject of the Tibetan king is not allowed to throw any piece of turquoise into the river, because it may leave his body because of the soul. The actual reason is that turquoise is a water -absorbent gem. After hundreds of millions of years of geological changes, the groundwater containing copper, aluminum, and phosphorus penetrates from early granite stone. In the change, the acid and alkali value of the oil secreted in all aspects of the oil is balanced, and the more and more moisturizing will be nourished. threaten. Therefore, in the eyes of people with faith, the turquoise is a spiritual collection, all things are spiritual, and well maintain!
    If it is useful, please adopt it, thank you!

  2. How to maintain it correctly? The expensive turquoise can be well maintained! Follow me and take you more knowledge about jewelry!

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