new jersey costume jewelry wholesale Want to buy a pair of lettering rings. In addition to the engraving, what other words can be carved?

new jersey costume jewelry wholesale

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    is paired. —— "Ritual · Shiguan"
    The buns and pneuma, such as Najib. —— "Yi Li · Shi Xunli"
    double, two [Paired]. Such as: Lipi (pair of deer skin. Wedding gifts for ancient times); Beautiful [Beautiful]. Such as: 妙 美 (wonderful music) [1]

    Model 1: Sweet nickname
    "Your name is my surname", you can choose the name of the husband and the wife's name or choice The names or sweet nicknames of each other are also good choices for engraving. Of course, it is best to choose others who do not understand. Only the names and nicknames that they do n’t know each other are the best.
    Model 2: Special anniversary
    The special commemorative day of acquaintance day, birthday, love day, engagement day, wedding day, or lovers, all of them are more valued by lovers, very commemorative commemorative The meaning is to engrave these dates on the ring.
    Model 3: Ancient poetry carved love
    The ancient rhyme poetry and poetry and poetry of Chinese style can be used as the imprint of love. The feelings contained in ancient poems may not be expressed in other languages. Therefore, in the couple's precepts, It is also very artistic thing to engrave the first half of the sentence to engraving the second half of the sentence.
    Model 4: Love Declaration
    The couples can also choose a love or confession of love to quit words, and now many people like to engrave English love declarations on the couple ring, or some focus on personalism Those who can choose to know each other with special significance and interesting love declaration.

    The couples with beautiful couples and unique lettering to the ring can make the ring give the meaning of the heart. , Explain the life of true love.

  2. mabe pearl jewelry wholesale How about the word "the work of heaven, the combination of fate". This is the propaganda of the conjunction of Liu Guifu's heavenly works. The combination of heaven is a design element based on men's and women's rings such as roses, swans, and made of K gold, bright diamonds, red sapphires, and use of brushes, rittors and other processes. The entire series focuses on the love of lovers as the core concept, and the craftsmanship is superb. The landlord does not have to buy a lettering ring. As long as you meet the heart, I wish the landlord and boyfriend love sweetness.

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