fashion jewelry wholesale in guangzhou china Can you make money if you can make high -end luxury agents?

fashion jewelry wholesale in guangzhou china

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  1. wholesale dozen pack jewelry WeChat, like the business of various other online camps, needs to do "increment" instead of "stock".
    The incremental, that is, you need to constantly come in with new customers. This requires that you must learn to promote "outside the station" and learn to drain.
    If you only brush your own products in your circle of friends every day, you can only make "stock" and consume your circle of friends' circle of resources without sufficient drainage. client. Then whether you are looking for an agent or a direct retail, this micro -business is definitely unqualified and does not do it for a long time.
    . My understanding, the specific title of WeChat has appeared, but it is just because WeChat is so hot now, so the main carrier of most WeChat merchants will be placed on WeChat. But don't be bound by this "WeChat" word, thinking that it is to use WeChat to brush the circle of friends and then realize the legendary "friend introduction friend", you can brush a lot of
    wants to make WeChat use micro -use micro -use micro -use micro -use micro -use micro -use micro -use micro -use micro -use micro -use micro You need to know these unique cheats:
    . How to choose the products you want to do, and what channels to find first -hand sources?
    The what do you want to learn is to find products that are suitable for you, if you are directly from other agents and agents. So is your purchase price low? But how do you compete with your peers in terms of price?
    . How to position your precise customers and attract precision customers to take the initiative to add you?
    do you know which customers are counted as your precise customers? Many micro -business partners say how to sell products without customers? So there are many people desperately adding friends or spending money to buy customers. The words are right, but do you add customers and customers you buy? Do they know what product you are doing? They don't know what product you are selling and how can you buy your product? Only those who are interested in buying your product can only be regarded as a precise customer through marketing methods to see your product.
    3. How to make fans fall in love with your circle of friends and keep paying attention?
    The accurate customers are just a general transaction. After the customer adds you, you must know your products. How do you know your product? They can only understand your products through your friends circle copywriting. If you only know that you blindly apply advertisements in the circle of friends every day. Will you not be disgusted for you? Here you have to learn how to use your circle of friends to market soft texts to prevent customers from hacking you. It will make him feel interesting in your circle of friends to continue to follow you!
    . How to stimulate potential customers to buy and become your retreat?
    Stime when the customer is attracted by your circle of friends, you will take the initiative to find you to understand the specific product details. Don't come up like a customer selling your products. You need to learn how to master the customer's psychology to communicate with the customer, and then stimulate his purchase desire to take the initiative to find you! And step by step to make him your return!
    . How to transform customers into your agent and sell products for you?
    Is when you keep the customer, you have to convert him into your agent through methods and promote long -term cooperative relationships!
    6. How to train your agent and attract more people to take the initiative to find you to proxy?
    Share a luxury PIN Dai
    I have always taken Huo here,
    is a s -sfront JIA grid and it is more reliable ~
    wants to DAI, the quality huo source, recommend this one!
    is not successful after converting the customer to an agent. You still need to know how to train your agent. Only after letting your agents make money can he recommend more agents for you. Continuous income,
    7. How to ensure that your agency time will not be lost in large quantities?
    Is when your team grows, you must improve your own leadership and manage your team. Only by laying a solid backing for the team can the agency time prevent a lot of loss!

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