2 thoughts on “kill rating meaning”

  1. Kill Rating means killing level, which is generally used in the game to kill the kill rate, and the kill value is added.

    For example, in the game, if you play in one game, your killing/killing/assists ratio, such as: 10/1/30

    After each game of seeking life, players can view their records. Then Kill Rating in the record means the kill rate. Popularly: Just like the combat effectiveness in the League of Legends. Chinese meaning: evaluation, valuation. It is a score of a player.
    A calculation: The increase in Rating points should be related to the performance of this game, such as the number of killing and the amount of damage, which is actually related to the gold coins you finally settled. The higher the gold coin, the more naturally.
    It other games in English meaning: 1, rating total bonus score level
    2, win rate ranking value additional score

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