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  1. Sales is a turnover, that is, the turnover of the merchant obtained by the merchant after the product and the service are sold. Profit is better explained, that is, the company's profits. _USINESS_ROFIT is commercial profit. Operating_rofit is hair profit. Net_rofit is a net profit. operating_rofit net_rofit = Business_rofit.
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    1. Marxist theory believes that the profit in the capitalist system is the transformation form or phenomenon of the surplus value, which manifests the balance of the value of the commodity than the cost price. That is, the total price obtained after the capitalist sales of goods exceeds the balance of its prepaid capital. The profit is actually derived from the surplus value created by the labor force purchased by capitalists in the production process, that is, the surplus value created by the remaining labor of employees, which is the proliferation amount of variable capital. However, the phenomenon is manifested as the increase brought by all capitalists' prepaid capital.
    2. At the same time, because the remaining value is realized as the currency is completed after the production process of the product is completed, it is further regarded as the capitalist's all of the capitalists invested by the capitalist. Those fixed capitals in the cost price) brought. Not only that, the product enters the circulation process from the production process. In order to engage in sales activities, it is also necessary to add capital (including pure circulation costs). Therefore, the remaining value is not only regarded as the entire prepaid capital in the production field, but also by it, but also by it, but also by it, but also by it, but also by it, but also by it, but also by it. It is brought to all capitals including prepayment in production and circulation.
    3. From the perspective of the total formula of the capital, the surplus value was created during the direct production process, and then it was realized during the circulation process. Therefore, from the perspective of capitalists, the surplus value is brought about by all prepaid capital, because ① As far as the capital is concerned, in order to produce goods, he not only purchased the labor force based on the prepaid capital, but also purchased the production of production in production. Various production materials consumed in the process, these costs cost as the purchase price of production factors have added cost prices; ② As far as the capital is concerned, the production materials and labor for prepaid capital are under the supervision of the capitalist, under the command and supervision of the capitalist, and the capitalist's command and supervision of the capitalist. In the process of production, the function of producing the surplus value of production not only participates in the formation of the surplus value, but also all the prepaid capital as the material element (including those fixed capital that has not yet consumed) has entered the production The whole process participated in the formation of the remaining value. Therefore, all prepaid capital should be paid. ③ The surplus value not only increases the amount of capital expenses, but also increases all capital. These are all distorted surface phenomena. In fact, the proliferation of value is just the new value created by hiring workers in the production process, deducting the balance after deducting labor prices (wages). The product is the surplus value. The remaining value, as a product of all prepaid capital, has obtained the transformation form of profit.

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