How to evaluate Ou Hao’s acting skills of “Happy Boys”?

4 thoughts on “How to evaluate Ou Hao’s acting skills of “Happy Boys”?”

  1. Ou Hao’s acting skills of “Happy Boys” are really messy. His expressions and physical movements are stiff, and the performance depends on roaring. He doesn’t like him!

  2. Ou Hao’s acting skills are still good. It cannot be said that it is very powerful, but it is also remarkable, and the plasticity in acting skills is also very strong. He himself also works very hard, because he is sincere as a person, and he has obtained many seniors’s predecessors’s. It is a very good thing for him.

  3. Ou Hao, who debuted as a singer in the past few years, has become more and more popular in the naked eye. He can see him in many large -scale production, and in many film and television dramas, it can be said that he can finally raise his eyebrows and exhale He finally took off the laurel of the boyfriend and the boyfriend, and completed a gorgeous turn after the two broke up.
    The as an actor, currently his resources are quite good. He was born ordinary and there is no big background. It is not easy to go until now. I think his current acting skills are just ordinary, just quite satisfactory, there is not much dazzling, and the business ability is quite different from his image. At present, his acting skills are not worthy of his face value.
    Ou Hao’s face value is not a small fresh meat. There is a kind of qi. You can use the handsome handsomeness to describe him. This image and temperament are relatively rare in our current entertainment industry. After all, the young students are basically the face value, either a traditional handsome guy with thick eyebrows, or a handsome and beautiful light school grass. There are fewer types of bad children. The development momentum is good, and it is inseparable from his image.
    The recent TV series is “The Biography of the Passenger of the People’s Republic of China”, which gathers large and small drama bones, and it is still very popular small and medium -sized flowers. Throughout, although it is a group of plays, Ou Hao is basically a male role in it, and it is heavy and heavy in it. He plays a bloody and patriotic college student. To be honest, sometimes it is really embarrassing in his performance. His facial expression management is not good enough, so that the character of this character does not make people rejoicing. Can’t stand up.
    This lines are better than before, and the accent is not so heavy. Just like he said, although he is green, he can always make progress.
    As a passerby who eats him, his acting skills still need to be polished. At least his film and television drama can make me glance, but he can’t watch it.

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