How much is the 15 -carat diamond ring?

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  1. The price of 15 cake diamond rings is generally tens of millions of levels if the parameters are relatively high. The 15 -cahe diamond ring is very rare. The price of this level of diamond ring has a very large relationship with its diamond 4C parameters. The high and low diamond quality causes the price of 15 carat diamond rings to have huge upper and lower floating spaces.
    The so -called 4C diamond 4C level refers to 4 words that start with C: cactage, color, clarity, and cut (cut). These four words represent the four dimensions that measure the quality of a diamond. Good diamond, these 4 C are indispensable.
    1, cactage
    The diamonds are generally in Kla (CT), which means weight. 1 carat = 0.2 grams = 100 points, diamonds below 1 carat, you can also use "points" as a unit. For example, 0.5 carat diamonds are 50 points diamonds. In addition, in the case of the remaining three C conditions, the greater the weight of the diamond, the more valuable, and the scarce the number is, and the price of 1 carat shows geometric growth.
    2, color (color)
    does not consider the color diamond first, just talk about white diamonds.
    D color is the best (colorless). It is arranged in order in the order of Aliwen of English. The Z color is the worst color. This is a total of 23 levels. However, this yellow is different from yellow diamonds. The yellow diamond yellow is bright. The yellowness and saturation of the white diamonds are not enough, and diamonds are limited.
    3, clarity
    The clarity of the diamond is the natural result of the diamond. The diamond crystals is in the mantle magma deep in the mantle of the earth. The color, size, and position distribution of these imprints have different degrees of effect on the value of diamonds.
    The surface or inside of the diamond often has flaws, such as bubbles, cracks, and feathers. The clarity level can be divided into FL, if, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, i2, i3.
    4. A diamond is cut into an appropriate proportion, so that the light can be refracted from the top, forming a shining color. GIA's cut levels are divided into: perfect Excellent (ex); excellent VeryGood (VG); good good (GD); general fair; poor poor; 5 levels in total.

  2. Based on the 4C standard, the diamond price is then determined.
    1. Color (color): The best colorlessness is the best, the darker the color, the worse the quality. In the color grading of colorless diamonds, the top color is D color, and it is arranged to Z in turn. We only say that from D to J's color level, D-F is a colorless level, G-J is a near-color level, from K. There is basically a collection meaning.

    2. Clarity: The basis of the clarity grading is the position of the inner content, the size and the number of quantities to divide. The clarity level can be divided into FL, if, VVS1, VVS2, vs2, vs2, SI1, SI3, SI3, P1, P2, P3. More, the more obvious the location is, the worse the quality, and the price should be reduced accordingly.

    3. Carat weight (cara): In the same case of the other three C, the price of diamonds is proportional to the square of the weight of the weight. The greater the weight, the higher the value.

    4. Cut (CUT): The rough stone of a diamond, even if it is thrown on the Malaysia Road, will not pay attention. It is to give it a second life and give it a gorgeous fire color. Cutting refers to the geometric shape of the various petals of the finished naked diamond and its arrangement. The cutting is divided into three items of cutting ratio, polishing, and modification. Each item has five levels. From high to low, it is Excellent, very good, good, fair, poor. Generally, what we see is standard round diamond -type cutting.顶级切工的石头,它对于光线的反射可以达到一个最接近完美的比例,也就是我们说的三项E X(EXCELLENT)切工,但是像这种切工的价钱也会稍微贵一些,因为它The income rate is relatively low, it will be about 5%higher than the price of not three EX cuts, but the fire color of the three EX stones is definitely the most gorgeous.

    The one -carat diamond ring that can generally reach the 4C standard is about 20W. If it is not reached, you can buy it. Diamonds were very rare, and diamonds that could reach 15 carats turned several times. I couldn't think of that price.

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