Australia: E-commerce platforms hit hard by controversy over children's sex dolls

A craze for importing children's versions of sex dolls has prompted warnings from Australian authorities. The dolls, which are made of silicone gum and look like five - or six-year-old girls, are 100-140cm long and weigh 20kg. They resemble the sex dolls life size.

According to the Saturday Telegraph, the hyper-realistic robots are easy to find online and customers can even choose the style of school uniform they wear.

The latest figures from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection show there are now 11 investigations into the importation of such dolls into Australia.

The sex dolls under 500 are being bought in bulk, with buyers paying $500 to choose the doll's eye color, hair color and even toenail paint. Some e-commerce platforms have such dolls for sale, and the slogan is disgusting.


Wayne Buchhorn, assistant director of the Australian Border Enforcement Agency, said there had been an increasing number of investigations into the importation of the doll.

"The government is currently handling 11 investigations into the import of children's versions of sex dolls," he said.

The NSW High Court has rejected an appeal by a Sydney Chinese man who was sentenced to a year in jail for importing $4,000 worth of child sex dolls and possessing child abuse images. The man is understood to be 35 years old and a computer technician.

Child safety advocate Hetty Johnston says the new toy trend is scary. Adam Washbourne, founder of the Anti-Child abuse group, said trade was a "crime".

It is reported that some large e-commerce platforms have closed the shops of sellers of such products.

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