What is it about Chinese longheads that's not so popular?

On the Internet, we can frequently see people discussing the reasons why tall cars are not favored in China. In the end, it's essentially down to two things: regulations that are overly strict about length; ​the tall head is too heavy. Everyone thinks that these two terms affect the loading capacity, so they are relatively rejected. But is this really the case?

Domestic tall head car does not affect the loading capacity
Let's start with the length. We take two models of Custom semi trailer manufacturers as examples: the high-head T7 and the headhead H7. In the same 6X4 case, the length of the tall head car is 7.23 meters, and the length of the flat head car is 6.89 meters, the length difference is only 0.345 meters; ​in terms of wheelbase, the tall head car is 3900+1350mm; ​the flathead is 3300+1350mm, with a difference of 0.6 meters.

According to the current version GB1589, the maximum length of flathead tractor + semi-trailer is 17.1 meters, the maximum length of tall head tractor + semi-trailer is 18.1 meters, with a gap of 1 meter in the middle. In fact, both the length and wheelbase of the two head cars are within 1 meter of the regulation, so the actual size of the cargo car will not be affected.

bc030b06513c28ea6e6fc295508d986eIn terms of weight, as the domestic tall head car will not be as large as the American tall head, luxury configuration, thus the weight will not be extremely excessive. In terms of the two vehicles mentioned above, both the Dragon H7 and T7 have 8.8T for the 500hp 6X4 version.

Maybe different brands, different models in terms of size, weight performance are not the same, but at least from the technical point of view, the tall head car and the first car can be essentially the same. In other words, everyone has been extra worried about the "tall head truck pulling inferior cargo" problem is not very obvious.

​Tall heads have additional benefits
But after all, the current GB1589 has only been implemented for less than two years. The previous policy has made manufacturers and users accustomed to flathead tractors, so now numerous people do not think of tall head cars when buying a car. In addition, the view of the tall head car is not as wide as the flat head car, for the aged driver, parking, turning may have some discomfort.

But the tall head car, because of its special structure, compared with the flat head car in safety, has a really strong advantage. In addition, the smooth shape makes the wind drag coefficient of the tall head car smaller, which also has a really large promoting effect on reducing fuel consumption. In the sedan industry, the tall car also has the natural advantage of being able to DORA a car. Therefore, in my opinion, the problems caused by the "misfit" can be dwarfed by this advantage, and the market share of lengthy cars will certainly increase over time.

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