Electric Drive Axle: Boosting Off-Road Performance & Eco-Friendliness


The Electric Drive Axle is a cutting-edge technology that integrates the motor, gearbox, differential, and brake into a single unit, enhancing off-road performance. With customizable features and a zero-emission design, it offers a superior, eco-friendly solution for various off-road applications.


Rotontek is thrilled to introduce the groundbreaking Electric Drive Axle, a technological marvel designed to redefine off-road performance while embracing an eco-friendly future. This product manifests the intersection of innovation, sustainability, and robustness. Below, we delve into the details that set the Electric Drive Axle apart.

The Rotontek Electric Drive Axle integrates the motor, gearbox, differential, and brake into a compact and seamless unit. It is optimized to deliver superior performance, energy efficiency, and unrivaled reliability for off-road applications. Its design is flexible and customizable, catering to various vehicle configurations and customer needs.

Design and Manufacturing

Engineered with precision, the Electric Drive Axle's design follows a modular concept. Its components are:

  1. Electric Motor: High-torque, brushless design.
  2. Gearbox: Customizable ratios for varying terrain.
  3. Differential: Allows wheels to turn at different speeds.
  4. Brakes: Integrated design for seamless operation.

The materials used are carefully selected to ensure durability and light weight, while the manufacturing process follows stringent quality controls.


Here are the detailed specifications of the Rotontek Electric Drive Axle:

Feature Specification
Motor Type Brushless AC
Max Torque 500 Nm
Gear Ratios Customizable
Brake Type Hydraulic
Weight 75 kg
Cooling Liquid-cooled
Customization Available

Electric Drive Axle


The Rotontek Electric Drive Axle offers numerous benefits:

  • Performance: Unparalleled off-road prowess, with customizable gear ratios.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Zero-emission design supports a green future.
  • Integration: Combines multiple components, saving space and weight.
  • Reliability: Built to last with robust materials and manufacturing.
  • Customization: Tailored to meet unique requirements.


The versatility of the Electric Drive Axle makes it suitable for a wide array of vehicles:

  • Off-road Trucks
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Mining Machinery
  • Military Vehicles
  • Construction Equipment


The Rotontek Electric Drive Axle is more than just a component; it's a revolution in off-road technology. By melding performance and sustainability, it promises a future where power and responsibility coexist.

Whether you require an off-the-shelf solution or a customized masterpiece, Rotontek's dedicated team will work closely with you to achieve the perfect balance for your needs. Contact us today to explore how the Electric Drive Axle can transform your off-road experiences.


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