What's it like to have a sunken tub at home?

Xiaobian bestie first heard that his husband installed the sunken bathtub, the exclusion ah, also found a few installed the sunken bathtub home case, put the facts to tell his husband, installed later will regret wanting to dismantle.

Do not know we found no, occasionally flag and "hit the face" frequently appear at the same time, bestie this flag also did not escape. After the original house decoration, bestie hate not to take a bath every day, is comparable to the general enjoyment of hot springs.

Her sunken bathtub uses a white + solid wood tone, there is a high natural sense, the aesthetic is extremely strong.

In fact, the name of the "sunken bathtub" will seldom lead to a lofty scene, but the sunken bathtub is nicely done, the level of appearance and utility is not low, and there is no need to worry about water overflowing everywhere.There are wholesale bath bombs.

Sunken bathtubs are level with the floor, or some are slightly elevated, making bathing in them a bit of a spa experience, especially if they have floor-to-ceiling windows.

And the plastic shape of the sunken bathtub is extremely strong, you can choose the color and shape according to your preferences, black elliptical bathtub with a circle of drain, both practical and fashionable.

The black square tile is paired with a lovely ocean view, and the side of the tub is also designed with a tiny depression to accommodate some soft cushions, so that people can enjoy themselves from the heart to the body.

If you're worried about water coming out, you can also try a concrete and cobblestone design, so that you don't have to worry about damp everywhere, and you can also watch idol TV.

The beauty can also refer to the pastoral style, half a pile of bare bricks with the beige sinking bathtub, a very spontaneous and natural feeling.

Or directly refer to the advanced wind, French Windows with clear boundaries, black shower screen, a pool of green water, very much a bit of the artistic conception of spring breeze touching the face of a hundred flowers blooming.

More will enjoy, but also can design a tiny SPA space, light blue deployment on a few plants, coupled with white against the background, fresh and bright.

White is really easy to bring out a sense of luxury, accessories can be close to light luxury, pure white walls with solid wood tile, extremely senior and natural.

Of course, you can also refer to the warm feeling of Japanese style, solid wood floor, mottled cement walls, pure white bathtub, extremely suitable for the cold winter.

​Then how do you design a bathtub like this?

​want such a bathtub, the first thing to do is to "dig a pit". The depth is about 60 centimeters, about 2 meters wide, next is to determine the position of the drain, pay attention to the drain in the low-lying place, then use cement reinforcement, and finally add some modifications.

And don't forget to do a closed-water test to nip it in the bud.

There isn't much difference between a sunken tub, which feels more like a hot spring, and a more conventional tub, which isn't actually great or bad. You can design what you want.

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