What to do if the electric car battery bulge affects the use

The roads in many big cities are very congested, and many places have begun to limit the number of cars, which can reduce part of the traffic flow. But there is a means of transportation, even if your car is blocked no matter how bad it is, it will not be affected, and it is an electric vehicle. We can find a lot of electric vehicles in many cities, because they feel that electric vehicles are more convenient, and the price is very cheap, no fuel consumption, and the price is relatively low.

However, many electric vehicle owners say that when they are charging, they will find that their battery has bulged. What is going on? How can we avoid this situation?

The first one: don't park in hot weather

We all know that the temperature is relatively high in summer and the weather is very annoying. If we drive an electric car, don’t park it in a place without sunlight, it’s better to park it in a shaded place, if there’s shade, that’s the best, we can park the car under the shade of a tree, this is the safest.

Second; the charging time should not be too long

Many people will charge the electric vehicle for a long time after using it. For example, after you come back at night, you keep charging it for a whole night, which will cause great damage to the battery. The battery may be deformed due to long-term charging, which is very scary. Once your battery is deformed, it cannot be used normally, or its battery life will be weakened. You were able to drive 50 kilometers before, but now Can only drive thirty kilometers.Also read:https://www.aminobattery.com/lithium-battery/198.html

The third: the best original charger

Everyone knows that when we buy an electric car, we will give you an original charger. If your charger is broken, you need to replace it. Many people even use other people's chargers to charge. At this time, it is very serious, because the original charger is better, otherwise it will cause great damage to the battery if it is charged with a non-compliant charger.

Fourth: Don't wait until the battery bottoms out before charging

When many people run out of electric vehicles, they will charge them. They tend to wait until the electric car has no power at all to charge it, which is actually more harmful to the battery. We usually only charge when there is still a third of the battery. And don't use fast charging, because frequent use of fast charging will cause problems inside the battery, and the service life of the electric vehicle will be shortened. Once you find that your battery is swollen, it is best to replace it, because once an electric vehicle accident occurs, the consequences will be very serious.

Editor's opinion: I didn't expect the battery bulge to be caused by these reasons. It must be that we didn't pay attention when using the car. Otherwise, these problems would not occur. If we can pay attention to them, these problems will be far away. We, our electric vehicles will also have an increased lifespan.

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