The classmate helped me do something, and wanted to give him a small gift. Is there any recommendation?

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  1. Because it is a classmate, I think if you want to send a small gift, you can send him to use it, which is helpful for his study and life. Or, it is a souvenir with related things to help you. In this case, the other party is meaningful and useful to receive a gift, which is really suitable for the other party. Instead of eating ash.
    1 Books, the ladder of human progress.
    If your classmates do not reject reading and usually like to read books, you can consider sending a book to him. After all, you are your classmates. The most important thing in the student days is to learn. Through books, we can broaden our own vision and vision, and we can learn knowledge and skills.
    of course, you can choose his favorite books according to the other person's interests. For example, if you like to read novels, you can see which novels are more classic, which is the type he usually loves to read. You can also find which books are suitable for your age, which is in line with you at the age of you, such as youth love stories, such as "I am not teaching you fraud" for people's experience ...
    Send it When he gifts, you can say that this book is good, you should like it so that it is okay. There is no need to explain too much.
    2 Daily daily necessities, which can be used properly.
    The weather in the south is still relatively hot. If you make a small fan at this time, you can give the other party in the hot summer, ah, ah, it brings a coolness in the autumn. Of course, if it is in the high school stage of elementary school, the above is more appropriate. If you are university, you can use it as a USB fan. When you buy it online, the price is not expensive and the quality is okay.
    Is when I was studying before, there was no air conditioning in the classroom. Every summer was sweating and reading a book, which was very irritable. If there is a small fan, it is better than nothing.
    I. as a student party, if those books are usually stacked casually, it is easy to wrinkle, and it is difficult to find it. It can be put up vertically. Such a small gift is still more appropriate for the student party.
    The notepad is also one of the most commonly used items as a student party.
    Almost every semester, I consume a lot of books, some are writing diaries, some are taking classroom notes, and some are free to write and draw when they are free. It is very developed, but there should be a student party who likes to use paper to record your own bit.
    In noble, you can also take notes.
    Small potted plants. In the age of students, there are a lot of people who want to plant these small pots. Now many flower shops have a small pot of succulent and green potted plants in small pots of potions. The price of a plate is not expensive, probably the price of a soda, but many people like it. If the opponent is a green plant killer, it is also possible to send a strong vitality such as the fairy ball and the green dill.

  2. Gifts and gifts between students do not need to be very expensive. If they are too expensive, their economic ability is limited. The most important thing for giving gifts is sincerity, so you can pick some of the small gifts he usually likes or more practical.
    Since it is still a student, I think it is very good to send the desk lamp. There are many unique table lamps on the Internet, and the price is also very affordable. It is a good choice to learn lighting, or to read books on the bedside. When I went back to school last time, a classmate helped me a lot. When I returned to school, I wanted to give her some small gifts. I would like to thank you. In fact, if you are close to, you can ask for dinner, but we have been separated by several provinces. In the end, I bought her on the Internet and sent her a line of linen. After receiving the classmates, she also sent a circle of friends. Many people asked her link, and she told me that she liked it very much.
    You classmates are boys, and you can send him to send a watch. Although there is a saying that sending a watch is a confession, I think your classmates have helped you, and you can give him a gift. Don't care too much about details. I think many boys love to bring watches. Watch is also very practical, and it is also very good. Even if I do n’t look at it, it ’s time to match a watch when dressing and matching.
    The weather is very cold now, you can send a scarf, the weather is cold in winter, so the scarf is also a good choice, but when you pick it, you must choose it carefully. Essence If you really do n’t choose a scarf, you can also send some small gifts, such as the keychain, and you can also send some hand -made models. Many boys like to play basketball, or 1 is playing games. All right!

  3. The classmates have helped you to do things, which shows that your popularity is very good. As the saying goes, you must report it. If you want to give them a small gift, it means that you are very polite. I don't know if you want to give boys a gift or gift for girls. If it is a girl, maybe I can help you, because I am a girl. I feel that most girls prefer exquisite, cute, beautiful small things, such as chic small brooms, a beautiful pen, plush toy, these are all possible, gifts are required to give gifts, no need to send gifts to send gifts, no need to send gifts to send gifts. Very expensive things, but you must take your heart, you must first understand what people like. Although you just give a small gift just to express your gratitude, you have to send it to others. Guess your friends will be particularly happy if you receive a small gift you have selected with your heart.
    The case of giving gifts, but I do n’t know if you are a boy or a girl, and the friend who wants to give a gift is a boy or a girl. I will give you every situation according to my own ideas. Several suggestions, sincere hope can help you. If you are a girl and a friend who wants to give gifts is also a girl, then you can send the small gifts I mentioned above. In addition, if you have a good relationship with your two, you can also send underwear. Haha, don't laugh at me. If you are a girl and a friend who wants to give gifts is a boy, you can send him a delicate pen, or a few books, boys like to play games, so you can also give him a beautiful mouse pad, or the special mouse of the game Essence If you are a boy and a friend who wants to give gifts is also a boy, you can ask him to have a meal, or give him a mouse pad, mouse, keyboard, I feel that it should be done. If you are a boy and a friend who wants to give gifts is a girl, you can send her plush toys, small ceramic products, mobile phone cases, notebooks, or interesting books. You can give people cosmetics, hahahaha, in general, sending gifts is not just a small thing to send things, but also to do it with your heart. Happy, you will experience your good intentions, and you will also experience the innocent friendship between you. Alright, I hope these suggestions I have made can help you.

  4. Sending a classmate gift, it depends on whether you send a male classmate or a female classmate. If he helps you do things, you want to thank him, if it is a female classmate, you can give him a furry toy, just a little bit. Little bear, or puppy, because girls generally like furry toys, or send her a toy crystal lamp, which is the best way to give gifts.
    If he is a boy, this is simple. You can take him to eat, ask him to dinner. Generally, boys will not specifically require or account for you what you give him. Watch, buy a box chocolate, or or see if he smokes. If he smokes, buy a lighter for him. Essence
    I I have encountered a classmate before, maybe I often help him, he finds me a bit, and once you make a card, he tells me directly that he doesn’t want to get it, let me give him to him Get it, and then I gave him what I said. The night before the summer vacation, he told me to go out, and then I had to buy me juice and drink. I refused at first. Later, he had to buy it. Then at the playground, he said a lot of words. Anyway, he wanted to thank me for helping him so much.
    Then I didn't say anything. In fact, you do n’t need to send a particularly valuable gift. Give a small gift. People will not care too much. After all, people will help you to return him. Just arrive.
    I I think your friend should be happy, because you send her to continue to be surprised to him.

  5. Don't be too restrained to a small gift for boys. It should be the best without being practical.
    First of all, you can choose some daily and practical. If your colleague has a car, you can give him a decoration in the car, put on the center console or rear mirror Very good. Furthermore, you can give him some more fun products in your office, such as pen holders with different shapes, small furnishings on the table, etc. Many of these can choose. Of course, you can also give him a pot of flowers and put it on the table. This small gift should not be too valuable, but it must reflect your mind.
    It the second gift to some thoughts. Among them, you can of course be handmade. For example, you can make some small components, a sofa cushion, or an embroidery you made by yourself. Furthermore, you can give your colleagues more likely to read books. This is more attractive for boys. Try to vote for it.
    Then you don't have to give him any gift too much, you can also ask him to have a meal together. Of course, this can also enhance the relationship between your colleagues. The words of the family. Then you should invite his family, so that it will look better, and your colleague will be happy to help you do things next time.
    Finally, for men, some small gifts will be willing to accept anything. You just follow your heart, don't worry about him. It is perfect to make some perfect packaging, as long as you can express your mind.

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