2 thoughts on “Company gift customization, what gifts to choose more suitable?”

  1. The company's activities to send a small gift are nothing more than a publicity to the company, hoping to gain everyone's trust and good feelings in this way. Therefore, such a gift is best to print a customized creative gift that can print the company's logo. In addition, some are moderate and practical, and your personality will not be considered by everyone.
    1. Customized lettering gifts
    This lettering gifts are suitable for carving the company's logo to propaganda. It is one of the most suitable small gifts for activities. Of course Things, you can choose things that are more fun or more practical or more practical, trophy or customized personal jewelry, necklaces, brooches, rings, hairpins, bracelets, etc.
    2. Creative and practical little gifts
    Stime gifts for the company must leave enough impression of everyone, so creative gifts will be the best choice, and it must have a certain practical value. It may be taken back by everyone and then idle side. In this case, only gifts with both practicality and creativity are the best. Customizing the company's mobile phone case is both creative and practical.
    3, photo gifts
    photos gifts are actually similar to those of -letter gifts. The biggest advantage is that it can use the design characteristics of the province to play a certain publicity role in the company's products. For example, this one can be printed below. The lighter of the photo, the DIY color change photo magic cup, the crystal octagonal box, etc. are a good choice.
    4, super delicate small USB flash drive
    The delicate small USB flash drive is also very suitable as a small gift for the company's activity. Most of the current companies are digital office. Employees' daily work cannot be processed and conveyed with a large amount of data and information. Therefore, the company can choose some delicate and convenient small U disks as a small gift. , And can also provide a good helper for employees' daily work.

  2. The crafts of "Culture and Art" brand have always been an important part of China's gift gifts. Due to the popularity of cultural fever and the art market in recent years, it has also sold the sales of such products. Participating crafts mainly include traditional crafts and modern crafts with new materials. The author found that mid -to -low -grade products often win by fighting price wars and "short, flat, fast" creativity. Although closely followed the trend, creativity stays on the surface, lacks technical content, is easy to imitate, and its products are seriously homogeneous. Lack of fixed customers, it is difficult to make characteristics, low profits, and poor survivability. With superb craftsmanship and stable customer base, high -end crafts are relatively stable in survival. They are mainly sold through business and government channels. However, products usually keep traditional culture and art, which is difficult to inherit and break through.
    Gifts focus on "rituals", and the gifts are conveyed to the gifts through exquisite outer packaging, deep cultural connotation or novel creativity. But in recent years, the wind giving gifts has become more and more popular, and people often compete for high -end and valuable gifts. Gifts cannot be sent to people's hearts. On the one hand, it is difficult to give gifts to the purpose of giving gifts. On the other hand, because the gift does not necessarily meet the needs, the gifts are embarrassed and the gifts are wasteful. The gift industry generally exists with problems such as low industrial concentration and serious product homogeneity. Gifts in various places are often dominated by local names, and it is difficult to distribute excellent and disadvantages. The production and sales methods of the gift industry need to be changed urgently.

    In fact, everyone's demand is different, so there are many types of products that can be regarded as gifts, and they are also widely involved. There are very few companies operating the same gifts. However, because gift companies are produced, they often only consider the intention of the gift person, and they do not understand the ideas of the ceremony. It is difficult to have accurate customer positioning, which leads to a certain amount of product products blindly produced. And it is difficult for the gift to find out what the gift receiver wants. If the gift giver will receive whatever the other party, and the transition to the gift collector will give, then the gift company will take the initiative, and the gift giver will take the initiative. You can produce according to the needs of the gift. In this way, gift companies not only reduce costs, but also improve efficiency and benefits. Because of its strong cultural heritage and long historical heritage, and the clinical effects of their long -term and strong brains, it has gradually evolved into a healthy cultural gift for Baoding.

    The British Fitness Ball has given foreign leaders many times as a national ceremony. The fitness ball is easy to carry because of its exquisite and compact, which is suitable for group purchase, business conference, tourism commemorative, friends gathering, etc. The Baoding Shoubao Fitness Ball developed and produced by Baoding North Crafts Co., Ltd. can be designed for free according to the requirements, and the materials provided on the gifts are made to make the gift unique.

    So many smart businesses play custom gifts. The unique gift not only reflects the connotation of "ritual", but also sends "ritual" to the other party's heart. The distress of the ceremony was lifted, and the problem of homogeneity of the product was also solved. And customization does not have to be high -cost, time -consuming and labor -intensive, and fast and cheap gifts are customized into a new highlight of the gift industry. For example, at the exhibition, an electronic product company provides personalized and excellent disk customization. The capacity and shells can be selected according to customer needs and assembled on the spot. The same size is three times more expensive than ordinary people, and customers are still willing to accept.

    is also customized by personality. The positioning of the Jim brothers is much higher. Men's shirts ranging from 500 to thousands of yuan, from the selection of materials, selection, and tailoring to customization, only 30 minutes. What is more convenient than the mobile power and U disk customization is that the gift giver does not need to understand the specific preferences of the gift. As long as a gift card is given to the ceremony, the gift recipient can compare the instructions, choose the style they like, and enjoy the customization process. To improve the initiative of the gift collector, to a certain extent, the gift presencer is more willing to choose this method.

    has good creative products and production methods, and it is necessary to change the original simple and direct sales method. The characteristics of the gift industry itself have led to the cooperation with corporate customers in addition to retail sales. In the past, the gift industry emphasized to pull customers by relationships, and excessively relying on the sales team, but it is easy to affect the sales of enterprises because of the flow of personnel. More and more gift vendors recognize the importance of the establishment of the brand for the long -term competition of the company. Let customers remember the brand instead of the relationship, and use brand support to maintain more stable development.

    The way of cooperating with corporate customers is to join or distribute or sell. The Jim brothers are trying to make a brand of just two years by chain. This method has a good effect on improving the brand image due to the consistent brand and advertising, unified standardized management, and centralized training. In addition, it can also save procurement costs and management costs.

    . The difference is that many gift vendors have good products and give priority to cooperation with strong corporate customers. For example, by cooperating with car dealers, using its customer channels to sell car equipment as supporting products to terminal consumers; cooperate with financial institutions to distribute office supporting supplies as welfare to employees; Gifts are given to customers as small gifts outside the company's own products and services. On the one hand, it forms a long -term stable large -scale order, and on the other hand, it is also a free intangible publicity.

    Gift companies cooperate with e -commerce companies to express gift vouchers to the gift of gifts. In addition, the vertical cooperation between gift companies, combined sales can also be beneficial and beneficial to enhance brand strength. For example, outer packaging manufacturers can customize gifts for specific gifts and customer needs.

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