wholesale custom jewelry boxes manufacturers Which chain does FIL belong to

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  1. wholesale children's silver jewelry FIL is a digital currency with the underlying technology of the blockchain, which is equivalent to a digital asset.

    FIL is the token of IPFS. Generally speaking, it is a good project, but there is a great risk of this project (larger than many blockchain projects). Search on the blockchain content platform or community.

    FIL is mainly used to reward users who provide storage computing power. FIL has a total of 2 billion pieces, 70%of miners, 15%of the official team, 10%ICO investors, and Filecoin Foundation: 5%. The Filecoin project uses Post Filecoin project. POST uses the size of the storage data on the hard disk as an algorithm for all miners to distribute a reward fairly.
    Compared with centralized data storage solutions, what are the advantages of Filecoin? They include: cost, the price of storage costs will be further reduced by establishing a huge data storage free market. The scale of FIL integrates countless computers worldwide to form a huge storage network environment.
    fil does not need to build a new storage computer, but uses existing resources. This will also be more convenient and environmentally friendly. Dropbox and iCloud have previously encountered hackers. But the scattered network means that there is no clear entry point, and hackers can often only attack one or more goals, and the remaining resources are still intact.

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