wholesale blank jewelry What did the husband do with the help of his wife?

wholesale blank jewelry

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  1. jewelry beads supplies wholesale As the saying goes, there is a great woman behind each successful man. It is not too much at all. Sometimes, the couple do one thing together, which can really achieve an extraordinary return. In the Philippines A couple, the wife helped the husband to become the president, and then the husband threw a lot of money in order to let his wife live a luxurious life he wanted, and the couple accumulated more than 60 billion yuan in wealth, and more than 5,000 shorts collected by the collection!
    This woman is called Emelida. She was born in 1929. Her family is flat. Her father is an ordinary teacher. When she was 9 years old, her mother died. They had 6 siblings in their family. In September 1938, as the family's economic situation was getting worse and worse, her father planned to raise his family back to his hometown. Emelida did not want to live a lifetime, so he secretly participated in the local "beauty contest". Because she had a good foundation, she had a good foundation. , With outstanding temperament, the singing voice is sweet, so she won the championship in one fell swoop.
    23 years old, Emelida decided to go to a big city to break through. She was a salesperson and later helped the cousin to run for members. On the cover of the Valentine's Day special issue, Imelida's photos were printed, and soon Imelida became a well -known "cover girl". Later The title of the Goddess of Manila, with his own popularity, he and the young and promising Maggus Macos married after 11 days of love.
    Imelda officially entered the upper circle. With his own advantages, Emelida continued to expand the social circle. His husband was even more upright. Melda is indispensable! On December 30, 1965, Marcos became the President of the Philippines and Emelda became the "first lady."

    has ruled Macos for almost 20 years. In the long -term dictatorship, the Macos couple gathered very considerable wealth. There is only $ 30,000. When he stepped down as he stepped down, his property was US $ 10 billion, which was equivalent to more than 60 billion yuan. In 20 years, Marcos spent thousands of dollars for Emelda. It even made people feel angry. In Imelida's room, all kinds of precious and luxurious cosmetics were unpacked at all. It has a very large wardrobe with hundreds of famous expensive clothing, more than 1,700 brand bags, more than 2,000 gloves, and more than 5,000 shorts. As for other jewelry, there are more helplessness.
    The funny thing is that many poor people have specially supported Imelida. Although she is extravagant and obscene, in these 20 years, Emelda often uses money to fund the poor and improve people's livelihood. Sometimes Social famous flow raises donations to sponsor the poor, so many poor people are very supportive of her.
    I unfortunately the final result is that so far, Emelida's prison has never lived.

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