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  1. At present, the heating brand warm brand on the market is chaotic, and Nuanfeng has more than 20 years of independent research and development and production experience. Selection.

    Why should the electric film add graphene? It is very simple. Graphene is a new type of material. As soon as the graphene came out, it attracted the attention of the world. The electronic migration rate in graphene is much higher than the migration rate in silicon. Therefore, graphene floor heating is quite energy -saving and high -thermal conversion. The technology of this brand in R

  2. Graphene floor heating is currently imperfect and immature. Many products in the market are just gimmicks in graphene. There are not many products that really add graphene.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you right awaynHello, I am glad to answer your questions,_:nSecond, the top ten graphene floor heating brandsn1. Warm YijianNuan Yijia Nuan, as the top ten graphene floor heating brands, belongs to Nanjing Nuanyijiane Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. NarutonCompared with traditional ground heating products, gemstone floor heating is better than energy conservation and emission reduction, ecological environmental protection, intelligent temperature control, and safe worry -free.nBenevolence is not allowed to become the backbone of new energy heating reform.n2. NuanfengnNuanfeng graphene floor heating brand, belongs to Guangdong Nuanfeng electric heating technology Co., Ltd., has always focused on the research and development andnThe manufacturing of the electric film heating system has always been committed to the technological innovation of the safety and comfort of the heating film house heating system.nHas a high popularity. Nuanfeng independently develops graphene intelligent ground heating, and its products are exported to abroad. It is a graphene land with 20 yearsnThe brand with warm research and development experience has a reliable quality of ground heating products and a wide range of sales.n3. ZhipidanZhipida is affiliated with Hunan Xinruitong Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. It is a graphene product research and development, design, preparation, sales, and servicenComprehensive modern brand that integrates. Promote green heating and consumption upgrades, and strive to use the traditional, high energy consumption, and heavy pollution.nWarm way to transform into green, intelligent, comfortable, and safe heating methods.n_::n4. Dad XiongnKai Dad is one of the previous names of graphene floor heating. It was established in 2015. It is an independent research and development of graphene floor heating.nElectric floor heating, various types of electric heating equipment, etc., uses graphene to be applied to the unit of electric heating industry, is committed to becoming graphene floor heating industrynLeading brand.n5. PrudanPredida graphene floor heating brand comes from Guangdong. Guangdong Purida is a graphene heating research and development design, carbon fiber electric floor heatingnComprehensive modern geothermal heating manufacturers, which are mainly based on sales and thermal tile manufacturing, are currently well -known in China.n6. Love HousenThe House of Love belongs to the Nannan Materials Co., Ltd. of Lefu House.nIn the year, the graphene and production produced by the development and production were healthy, widely used, and was loved by the nationals across the country. Currently, the House of Love is also a stonenOne of the top ten graphic floor heating brands.n7. Spring languagenSpring language graphene floor heating belongs to Zhejiang Hongling Technology Co., Ltd. It was established in 2017. It is a new type and intellectualnA professional enterprise that is capable, environmentally friendly, and energy -saving production, sales and sales, and integrates in one one of them is currently well -known at home and abroad.n8. WimbledonnWinteston graphene floor heating, known as "black gold", is the king of new materials. Winterston is the thinnest, and the eyes are currently discoverednThe ground heating brand that can produce excellent heating effects is currently well known in China.n9. Tong XinnTongxin graphene floor heating, belongs to Shenzhen Qianhai Tongxin Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2015. It is a professional high -technTechnology Co., Ltd. Tong Xin is very good in terms of floor heating and production or sales.n10. Pentium Pentium graphene floor heating, belongs to Beijing Youka Youxin Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a group company that is dedicated to the development, production and promotion of new decorative materials, floor heating materials products. Pentium graphene floor heating, currently operating products, mainly tiles, ceramic floor tiles, and heating tiles, fast -hot floor tiles, and so on.nHow much does it cost to install per square meter?nAnswer Hello, the current price of graphene floor heating is 300 to 400 yuan per square meter (the price of special circumstances will be slightly higher)! Factors affecting the price of graphene floor heating are: Auxiliary materials cost: graphene price depends on the cost of auxiliary materials depends on the cost of the auxiliary materials.nQuestion [Smile]n39 morenBleak

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