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  1. Can be used as decorations, jewelry or collectibles. The price of diamonds is much higher than gold, and diamonds greater than 1 carat are very precious. Therefore, the value of diamonds is very high. People buy it have both decorative beauty and value -preserving treasures. They have always symbolized wealth and social status.
    diamond, also known as diamond. Diamonds are known as the "king of gems." It has high hardness, high melting point, strong refractive index, strong color scattered.
    The diamond is composed of carbon. The carbon element is in the depths of the crust, about 200 kilometers, and at the high temperature of 1100 degrees to 1625 degrees Celsius, a crystal formed by crystallizing at 40,000 to 60,000 atmospheric pressure. With the bulge and sinking of the crust, or the earthquake, or the outbreak of volcanoes, the crystalline mineral -was squeezed out of the surface.
    It wearing diamond jewelry is not only durable, not afraid of burning, but also dazzling and shining.
    The expansion information: Diamonds have the highest hardness in natural minerals, and their brittleness is also quite high. It is derived from the ancient Greek adamant, which means hard and inviolable substances, and is a recognized king of gemstones. Diamond. In other words, diamonds are actually a carbon crystal with a very high density.
    cards, or translation of carats, carats, is the quality unit of diamonds. One card is equivalent to 200 mg. According to legend, the weight of the early diamond merchants' weighing diamonds is a carob fruit (carob) fruit. A fruit of one grain weighs about 200 mg. Because the density of diamonds is basically the same, the heavier the diamond is the larger. The larger the more diamonds, the higher the value of each card.
    In the organization of the US Physics scientist, researchers at McCarui University in Australia have found that the hardest natural material diamonds on the planet are not as "long -lasting" as people think. Diamonds evaporate under strong light. The study found that it was published in the American "Optical Materials Express" magazine.
    Cladonians, the associate professor of the Optical Research Center of McCarui University, and colleagues, and colleagues have found that diamond exposure will evaporate under light conditions. Midun said: "Some substances have evaporation caused by light, and this phenomenon is still the first time that diamonds have been observed." When exposed to strong ultraviolet-C line (strong ultraviolet rays filtered by ozone layer), the surface of the diamond The small concave pit will disappear in just a few seconds. The speed of diamond quality loss is rapidly decreased as the light intensity decreases, but the etching process continues, but the speed is getting slower and slower.
    Midron pointed out that the diamond evaporation disappears very slowly and cannot be observed under normal circumstances. In fact, even if it is exposed to strong ultraviolet conditions, such as strong sunlight or under the ultraviolet sunbathing, it takes about 10 billion years to achieve the degree of diamond quality loss to observe. This study found not only provides clues about long -term stability of diamonds, but also helps future research.
    Midun said: "This is a very practical discovery. We are studying how to use this discovery. If we can create some structures on the diamond, control the light on a very small silk -shaped silk -shaped on the diamond Areas, this will be the first step of making a smaller and more efficient optical device. It can be used for quantum computing and high -energy laser. This discovery may help us search for diamond traces on the surface of other planets. "
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  2. Diamonds are useless, it is a product of being used by unscrupulous merchants. And it is not environmentally friendly, conflict diamonds show the darkness behind the diamond. Diamonds can be used as diamonds Mosangstone.

  3. The most common role of diamonds is to inlaid as a marriage diamond ring, engagement diamond ring, etc., and use it as a belief.
    diamonds are also very practical. Diamond hardness is high, it may be more sharp than other tools. Small pieces of diamonds can cut the glass or explore rocks under the ground.

  4. It is the highest hardness in natural minerals, and its brittleness is quite high. It is derived from the ancient Greek adamant, which means hard and inviolable substances, and is a recognized king of gemstones. Diamond. In other words, diamonds are actually a carbon crystal with quite high density

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