What are the common box models?

Box-making machines are an essential piece of equipment for many businesses involved in the manufacturing and distribution of goods. These machines are designed to quickly and efficiently produce cardboard boxes of various sizes and styles, meeting the needs of different industries.

Here are some of the most common box-making machine models that are widely used in the market:

  1. Flexo Folder Gluer The Flexo Folder Gluer is a versatile box-making machine that can produce a range of box styles, including regular slotted containers, full-overlap boxes, and more. This machine can produce up to 400 boxes per minute and is ideal for high-volume production.
  2. Rotary Die Cutter A rotary die cutter is a box-making machine that cuts and creases corrugated cardboard into various box shapes and sizes. This machine is highly precise and can cut and crease up to 20,000 sheets per hour. It is commonly used in the packaging industry to create custom-sized boxes.
  3. Flatbed Die Cutter A flatbed die cutter is similar to the rotary die cutter, but it uses a flat cutting bed rather than a rotary die. This machine can produce complex box designs with high precision, making it ideal for small to medium-sized box production runs.
  4. Box Stitcher A box stitcher is a machine that uses metal staples to join cardboard sheets and create a box. This machine is highly efficient and can produce up to 120 boxes per minute. It is commonly used in the food and beverage industry, where boxes need to be quickly produced in large quantities.
  5. Corrugated Box Making Machine A corrugated

    is a complete system that includes multiple machines to produce corrugated cardboard and then turn it into boxes. This machine is ideal for businesses that need to produce large quantities of boxes and want to have control over the entire box-making process box making machine.

  6. Folder Gluer A folder gluer is a machine that folds and glues cardboard sheets to create a box. This machine is highly versatile and can produce a range of box styles, including straight-line, lock-bottom, and more. It is commonly used in the packaging industry for high-volume production runs.
  7. Laminating Machine A laminating machine is used to attach a layer of paper or film to a corrugated cardboard sheet to improve its strength and durability. This machine is commonly used in the packaging industry to produce boxes that can withstand heavy loads and rough handling.

In conclusion, there are several types of box-making machines available in the market, each with its unique features and benefits. When selecting a box-making machine, businesses should consider their production needs, the box styles they require, and their budget to determine which machine will best suit their requirements.

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