unique wholesale statement jewelry Do you dare to buy online golden sky selection system EGD network gold?

unique wholesale statement jewelry

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  1. chicago wholesale jewelry stores It is certain to buy online gold EGD.
    What is the network gold
    The network gold, international name E-Gold, referred to as EGD. It is a P2P form of Internet gold. The concept of Internet Gold (EGD Coin) was proposed by Dr. David in 1982, with the development of the Internet, after 30 years, in 2009, in international cooperation players such as Satoshi Nakamoto continued to invent and improve, it was finally on 2014 in 2014 On January 1, the first seven countries led by former Microsoft engineers, 17 experts in various fields invented. The total global EGD is about 84 million yuan, and the number of circulation in the global Internet within 100 years is about 42 million yuan. Online gold points are not currencies, but as a consumer asset received from a global consumer consumer in the world. It is used to replace the points issued by merchants in the traditional business society. Essence
    How to obtain network gold
    The decentralized EGD global commercial points, abandon the original mining model, saves a lot of computing and power resources, and uses equity distributed production methods. The way users get EGD can only purchase EGD points sold by other users on a third -party platform. Once you have EGD points, you have the qualification to share new points. According to the number and existence time in the personal wallet, share new points produced with global netizens to increase the assets. At the same time, you can also obtain EGD points through other channels. For example, the Internet users' commune software can get the merchant's reward points through the software platform. Alternatively, you can spend on merchants who join the EGD platform and get points through the rebate part of the merchant. In short, the decentralized EGD has a strong liquidity without fixed publishers. All users get EGD methods and can only be implemented through the points transfer of other users.
    Oshly how to use network gold
    The EGD as a network gold points, as an encrypted digital asset. The purpose is to promote the circulation of wealth between merchants and consumers. Merchants have EGDs that can be used to presented to consumers instead of discounts. They can promote themselves by promoting tasks and return advertising costs to consumers in the EGD model. Consumers can sell the collected points on the third-party platform-such as the global EGD market and other encrypted digital asset trading platforms. The value -added generated by EGD during the time of personal accounts will also bring more benefits to consumers.

  2. jewelry bases wholesale It is best not to buy it. At present, the more formal domestic Shanghai Gold Exchange. The others are not safe, and I may have no return. I have never heard of what you said. Be careful.

  3. indian headpiece jewelry wholesale After the CITIC National Investment Fund purchased 6 million yuan, it was directly used to issue the Gold Value Growth Fund of the Internet; after joining Guizhou Maotai Wine Group, it also produced online golden series of wine for marketing. With the huge potential of online gold points appreciation, the value of the Internet gold points you get will increase several times and exceed the original price of your purchase of products, making it possible for you to drink Moutai free for free. This is how the netizen commune is connected throughout the line and offline. Its existence realizes that commercial points are generally appreciated at the same time as EGD appreciate. As a medium and realize the landing from virtual currency to virtual currency to commercial use. Large -scale group companies such as China Tobacco Group, Poly Real Estate, and Micro -Super Superscene have joined, using this subversive business model of Internet encrypted digital assets to achieve a win -win economy.

  4. wholesale price jewelry The existence and development of online gold points is a coordinated, reasonable, and legal. It will definitely change the current situation of the Internet industry, marketing industry, traditional business and investment industries, repair the shortcomings that the market economy itself cannot overcome, change consumers in traditional business in history in history The opposite positioning and competition relationship with the merchant, wake up and release the motivation for business society's wealth and innovation. Network gold points will become explosive innovation tools leading the global new business model, and no doubt will become the core logo of business trends in the new era!

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