Which is better, water heater, hand warmer or hot water bag?

Warm water bag and hot water bag are good products, but which is better? I understand after reading.

1: Principle of hand warmer

Hand warmer is a common heating equipment, which is mainly heated by hot water. It usually includes a thermostatic device and a control valve. The device cools the water to the required temperature and adjusts the appropriate flow to make it flow into a container containing a hot water bag or other heat source. When the heat reaches the set temperature, the heating device will open the valve to release cold water and close the valve, thus realizing the automatic cooling effect on the surrounding environment. hand warmers are generally divided into two types: one is electric hand warmers, which rely on external current to drive internal heaters to generate heat; The other is steam hand warmers, which use water tanks or pipes to obtain low pressure steam under pump pressure, and then condense into liquid to obtain heat energy.

2: Influence of different brands and models on human body

Different brands and models of hand warmers have different effects on human health. Generally speaking, we recommend that you choose safe and environmentally friendly products. Because improper use or leakage of harmful chemicals may cause physical discomfort or even death. For the elderly and children, it is recommended to use weakly alkaline products instead of acidic products. When purchasing hand warmers, we also need to pay attention to an important parameter - power. Only when the output power is greater than a certain value can it play its role, so you should select the appropriate hand warmer according to your actual situation. Generally speaking, high-power hand warmers are prone to failure, so avoid purchasing such products. At the same time, pay attention to whether the heat dissipation performance of the hand warmer is good, and replace it in time if there is heat.

3: Select appropriate hand warmer method

There are many kinds of hand warmers, and different methods of hand warmers will have different effects on the human body. Therefore, when selecting the hand warmer, you should determine the most appropriate method according to your own situation. First of all, if you want to choose a suitable hand warmer method, you must first understand its principle. Hand warmer is a device that uses heat to heat water to form steam and drive the piston to exhaust it. The commonly used hand warmers mainly include hot water bags, hot water pots and electric blankets. Secondly, when choosing the method of hand warmer, we should also consider the physical characteristics of everyone. For example, if a person is fat or afraid of cold, they may not be suitable for using harder products; If a person is very sensitive, he may be more vulnerable to low temperature. Finally, when selecting the method of hand warmer, you should pay attention to making appropriate adjustments according to your own needs.

If you are looking for a heater that can warm your body in winter, the hot water bag will never go wrong.

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