TB2 (β) titanium alloy material introduction

TB2 Overview

TB2 alloy is a metastable β type titanium alloy, containing isomorphic β stable elements 5%Mo and 5%V, eutectoid β stable elements 8%Cr, α stable elements 3%Al, Mo equivalent of 18.15. The alloy has excellent cold formability and superior welding performance under solution treatment, and has superior strength and great plasticity under solution aging. The main disadvantages of the alloy are elevated density, low elastic modulus and low resistance to elevated temperature creep.

Seamless titanium tube manufacturer say The main semi-finished products of the alloy are sheet, strip, foil, bar, wire and so on. The plate can be made into sheet metal parts, pressure vessels, solid rocket motor housing. The strip can be made into a star-arrow connection belt. Foil can be made into corrugated shells and honeycomb structures. The wire can be cold upsetting out various head rivets, and can be cold riveting and hot riveting, rivets in the state of solution treatment after upsetting directly used. The bar can be cold upsetting all kinds of head bolts, which can be used in solution treatment state or solution aging state.

The alloy is suitable for manufacturing aerospace fasteners under 300℃, and also suitable for manufacturing aerospace fasteners under 500℃ for a short time.

TB2 technical standard

GB/T 3620.1 -- 1994 "Titanium and titanium alloy brand and chemical composition"

GB/T 3620.2 -- 1994 "Titanium and titanium alloy processing products chemical composition and composition allowable deviation"

GB/T 3621 -- 1994 "Titanium and titanium alloy plate"

K/JC 2-1984 Interim Technical Specification for TB2 Alloy Strip for Communication Satellite "Satellite-Arrow Connection Belt"

GJB 2219-1994 Specification for titanium and titanium alloy rods (wires) for Fasteners

Chemical composition of TB2

TB2 heat treatment system

(1) Solution treatment

The solution treatment temperature is selected in the range of 750-800℃. The usual solution treatment system is 800℃±10℃, 3-30min, air cooling or faster cooling.

(2) prescription

The aging temperature is selected in the range of 450-550℃. The usual aging system is 500℃±10℃, 8-24h, air-cooled or furnace cooled.

(3) Stress removal annealing

650-700℃, 30-60min, air-cooled or furnace cooled.

TB2 smelting and casting process

The alloy shall be smelted by vacuum consumable electrode arc furnace more than twice.

TB2 application overview and special requirements

TB2 alloy strip has been used in the aerospace industry for a long time. Various head rivets made of TB2 alloy wire by cold heading have been used in the aviation industry. The bar can be cold upsetting hexagon, hexagon and countersunk bolts, which can be used in the aviation and aerospace industry. The service temperature of the solution treatment state is below 200℃, and the service temperature of the solution aging state is below 300℃.

TB2 corrosion resistance

TB2 alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and contact corrosion resistance. Stainless steel and its contact basically does not produce corrosion. When aluminum alloy and structural steel contact with it, the alloy itself does not corrode, but dissimilar metals are corroded. The alloy is anodized, which has minor effect on its mechanical properties, but can slow down the corrosion rate of structural steel and aluminum alloy in contact with it.

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