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  1. wholesale jewelry pendants and charms Virtual World TXT complete works novel attachment has been uploaded to Baidu network disk. n Content preview:
    Virtual world
    ers: bamboo official
    announcement (2005.3.19)
    update time 2005-3-19 23:13:00 Words: 482
    has been back for a while, but I have not been inspired by the beginning. If you think about it, you still decide to modify it before continuing. After the modification, it is estimated that it will be another look -it will modify and delete some settings and characters to be modified and deleted. Reduce; or simply push again.
    The reason why I wrote this thing at the time was how to have their own ideas for human beings, but because of my talents, I have no ability to write science fiction, I can only write "online games" to masturbate ...
    This The process of the story is very simple (I have never made an outline, only the direction is set for myself, because the variables exist all the time, as if now, I do not feel at all). Began to make friends, etc., and then may be war (in the game). After that, the game realizes the universe network, and it is still a model of friends. Then the earth and the outside world have a large -scale war in the game. In the world, the final ending is multiple ending settings, so there are the victory of the earth, there are those who are all gone, and the earth disappears from the universe. One of the many races of one side is also the bloodline of the ethnic civilization that creates the earth on the earth). After the war, the ethnic group left the earth with this group (even if it was the end of the same way to disappear from the earth, there are still many Earth, and there are still many on the earth. "Xiaoqiang" survived ...), the story ended.

    The first time
    update time 2005-4-22 11:01:00 Words: 12587
    After entering "War", I wandered in other galaxies for about a month Finally driving a landline to return to the earth circle.
    "The earth! I'm back!" I opened it ...

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