instyle jewelry wholesale What does DAO in the blockchain mean?

instyle jewelry wholesale

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  1. stainless steel magnetic jewelry wholesale The full name of DAO in the blockchain is "distributed autonomous organization" (), which is a blockchain -based organizational structure. It can operate independently without intervention and management through some open and impartial rules. These rules often appear in the form of open source software. Everyone can become the participants of the organization by purchasing the shares and interests of the organization, or through the form of providing services.
    DAO's morphology has changed very much. It can be a certain digital currency or a system or institution, such as the Yidao community, focusing on the DAO concept.

  2. wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry sets DAO is "decentralized autonomous organization" and a new way of cooperation between human organizations. We have a few people and a shared account, which can be said to be a DAO. In a DAO, each of us has autonomy and enjoys the right to dominate our data, which also fully reflects the characteristics of "decentralization". ——Isi Xixing

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