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  1. If you are redeemed at the chain store purchased, the depreciation gold will be charged for depreciation fees, and the re -selected gold jewelry is more than 25 % larger than the exchanges. Essence
    If when it is exchanged, it is not the gold of the chain store purchased, you need to melt the old gold jewelry, and then calculate the gold weight after melting.
    Extension information:
    Golden replacement precautions
    1. When replacing it with old, you should pay attention to whether the new gold jewelry is pure gold. Some bad businesses will use 18K gold instead of pure gold to deceive consumers. 999 gold floats up and down at 270 yuan per gram, while 18K gold is a alloy jewelry with only 75%of the gold content. The price is about 170 yuan per gram. The difference between the two is a bit large.
    2. When changing the old, do not suffer in processing costs. When we hold our own gold jewelry to the jewelry store to buy other styles of gold jewelry, it is generally equivalent to exchanges in the number of gold grams. Gold jewelry.

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